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Nobody knows me in Nigeria “ Kocee reacts

Cameroon’s aerial hit maker Kocee has been in Nigeria now for a month trying to network and work on new projects .  Today he went to the streets to talk with a couple of people just to see if they know him and sadly no one knew him in LAGOS

Back to CY and a couple of others saying Nigeria doesn’t like Cameroon ,  we once said most of them just don’t know the artist, Nigeria is saturated ,people are struggling and there are thousands of artistes in Lagos and you must be that good plus have money to be known . 

Kocee is known all over Cameroon , he is a serial hit maker here as anything he touches changes to Gold

It’s 2024 and he has moved to Nigeria ,  he wants to conquer a new market and that’s smart .  Kocee is talented and we wish him luck on his journey.