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On Women’s Day, four criminals were fatally shot dead

After a chase with the police, four criminals from Lusaka were killed. One of them was a well-known offender from Matero who has been on the police’s most wanted list for various crimes such as theft and aggravated robbery. The age range of the criminals was estimated to be between 20 and 30 years old. According to Rae Hamoonga, the police spokesperson, the pursuit was initiated due to the public’s concerns about an increase in motor vehicle break-ins at shopping malls in Lusaka.

While patrolling the Fox dale Mall area, the police team encountered a suspicious purple Toyota Ractis with two number plates (AJE 2806 covering the original one) and carrying four male occupants. Despite the police’s attempts to stop the vehicle, the occupants managed to evade them. During the pursuit, another car, a white Mark X with an unknown number plate, also sped away.

The Scorpion Team focused on chasing the purple Ractis and fired warning shots in an attempt to stop the vehicle. Eventually, the car stopped near Ngwerere farms, and the occupants fled into a nearby farm.

In the ensuing confrontation, four criminals were shot, and one of them, identified as Gift Musonda from Matero, was fatally wounded. Musonda was a notorious criminal with a long list of offenses, including aggravated robbery, theft from motor vehicles, and theft from individuals. Upon searching the vehicle, the police found various items, including a green backpack with a pair of number plates (AFB 3281), two empty bottles of benylin, a packet of disposable medical face masks, a sachet of suspected marijuana, two screwdrivers, a broken car key, a black toy pistol, two metal T-bars, an iron bar, and an industrial cutter. The injured criminals were quickly taken to the University Teaching Hospital but were pronounced dead upon arrival.