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One thing I noticed about some Nigerians is that complaint never leaves their mouth – Kelvin Onovo

I posted the other day about how much I made in just a few hours riding one of the kekes I gave out to my riders, and the post blew up.
In the comment section, a lot of people claimed I was lying and so on.

Before the year ends, I will ask one of my riders to get me their keke, and I will run the keke for one full day. I will also record it and post it here for those claiming that
I must settle police, settle agbero, buy fuel, and whatnot. Just stay tuned. I will clear your doubt.

One thing I noticed about some Nigerians is that complaint never leaves their mouth. Someone now said if a keke is that lucrative, why then did I leave the hustle?

I have said it countless times as a young guy that wants to help his life. Keke can be a starter for you. Driving keke is not what you do for life; I don’t even wish anyone to ride it for life. The job isn’t that easy.

Let me reinstate it again Anyone can ride keke. Be it a graduate non graduate, a woman too, even a married man.  Don’t use because I am a graduate and allow hunger finish your entire life. To make money in Nigeria you have to eliminate pride. It’s a k!ller.

But driving keke can feed you and your family for the time you are in the hustle.
I told myself I was going to do it for just 2 years, and after that, I stopped because keke money is like ogwu ego.
That you aren’t getting money is because you are not getting out yet. Once you are out of your house, money must come. I repeat you must see persons carry.
Keke can help you start up that dream of yours that you have had if you are serious with it

To succeed in the business as someone who wants to ride it on your own or go into the higher purchase business, the first rule is to make sure whoever drives your keke has their drivers license or riders permit depending on the state law.

2. All the keke papers should be complete. Make sure they are complete so that VIO or police will not embarrass you any day.

3. Know areas you should ply because of agbero. Me, then I don’t go to Abakpa because I know there is the headquarters of agbero so no matter how much I am being offered, I am not going.

4. Be of good manners if police stops you at any point, first greet them and ask them how are you and how work is. It worked for me when I was doing it. If you are rude to a police officer, they must tell you to pull over. And you must vomit money. Police treats you the way you treats them most of the cases

5. Make sure your keke has a tracker in case of theft.

6. Change the engine oil every two weeks. This way the keke will last more than 3 years once you maintain it.
7. Don’t overspeed. Where you dey run dey go.

8. If you are giving it out on higher purchase make sure the rider gets two guarantors. 1 must be a civil servant while the other must be a business owner with a physical shop and the rider should make a commitment of about 100k or more before you hand over the keke to him or her to show seriousness.

I was able to make out something from riding keke, and you too that wants to do it can do the same. Now I am able to solve a need by helping people who want to get into the keke business manage the keke and their rider. I have over 15 fleets of keke under my care, and they are all doing well.

You too can start a business after riding that hire purchase. You can also learn that skill you have always wanted to learn from the business.

It’s even sweeter if you buy the keke by yourself and ride it on your own. Let me tell you, you will be the biggest boy or girl in town.