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“Peter Obi did not know that ‘Two wrongs can never make a right’ – Reno Omokri

When the brothers, Chinedu and Omama, were burnt to death by a mob in Onitsha, Anambra, Peter Obi said nothing. He did not condemn it. He did not call for the arrest of the perpetrators. He pretended not to hear about it. He has avoided that issue till today. But now that sixteen brave Nigerian soldiers have been killed in Okuama, Delta State, Peter Obi has chosen to politicise it, with a statement titled ‘Two wrongs can never make a right.’

So, Mr. Obi did not know that ‘Two wrongs can never make a right’ when Chinedu and Omama were killed in his hometown of Onitsha. He only suddenly remembered that adage when tragedy struck in faraway Okuama.

Dear citizens of Nigeria, do we really need a leader whose reactions to public tragedies are determined by the ethnicity, religion and region of those involved? Can Nigeria survive with a Commander-in-Chief who looks at tribe before he gives his diatribe? Isn’t Nigeria too sensitive for a leader who keeps quiet when it happens in his own backyard but shouts when it occurs elsewhere? If you cannot be fair to all Nigerians, then you should come out plainly and become a separatist leader!