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Peter Obi should be ashamed of LP’s performance in Abia, PDP declares

The Vice Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party in Abia State, Abraham Amah, has expressed deep concern over the situation in the state, describing it as a shame.

Amah criticised the Labour Party-led government’s actions, particularly its handling of public servants and infrastructure projects.

He said the LP presidential candidate in the 2023 election, Peter Obi, should be ashamed of recent developments in the state.

A report by made  our news source, a circular dated August 30, 2023, and signed on August 31 by the state Head of Service, Joy Maduka, stated, “Following the ongoing reorganisation in the Abia State Public Service and in line with the provision of the Abia State Public Service Rules Nos. 02801 and 02803, I write to inform you that His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Abia State has directed the disengagement of all staff employed into the Abia State Public Service from January, 2023 to date.”

However, speaking with our news source today Saturday, Amah said, “I am profoundly ashamed of what is happening in Abia State. If Abia State is a miniature of the governance Peter Obi promises for Nigeria, then it spells total failure.”

Amah also lamented the inadequate support for education, healthcare, energy, and security sectors, all of which he argued were critical for improving citizens’ welfare.

He said, “This is a government that came on board and suspended all the permanent secretaries, suspended everybody. One year later, they sacked them, without any public inquiry or anything, without giving anything to the public.

“So, what is the basis? Why do you think that tomorrow, those 15,000 workers who lost their jobs will want to vote for the Labour Party? Even Peter Obi should be ashamed of what is happening in Abia State.

“It’s very embarrassing; I am very ashamed of what is happening in Abia State, because if Abia State is a sample of the kind of government people expect Peter Obi to bring in Nigeria, then they are a total failure.”

Amah further stated, “So what is good about the government? This is a government that has already sacked about 15,000 workers, under the guise that they did not merit their jobs.

“They have done nothing to create jobs; they do nothing to support and improve businesses and the standard of living of the people, to improve the education sector, health sector, energy, security, and care for the vulnerable.”

Reacting to the matter, the Chairman of the Labour Party in Abia State, Ceekay Igara, said it was unnecessary to respond to the claim that Peter Obi was ashamed of the Labour Party’s performance in the state.

He said, “There’s nothing to react to here. It’s only a ripe mango tree that attracts stones. We can’t respond to this kind of issue because he’s not a member of the family.

“So, I don’t know when Peter Obi told him that. Responding to this kind of issue is quite unnecessary.”