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A 7-year-old girl of Kabobola Compound in Mazabuka has been defiled after her mother, a Trader at Nakambala Market, had sent her to buy plastic bags for packing fish.

The incident is said to have happened on 12th March, 2024, around 11:00 hours and reported to Police later in the afternoon by mother to the victim, who stated she can identify the suspect if seen.

Southern Province Commissioner of Police, Auxensio Daka, explains that the victim was given K2 to buy plastic bags.

Daka says when she approached the man who was selling the plastics, he gave her the product for free and told her to bring the money after she delivers the plastics to her mother.

He notes that when she returned, he took her to a bush near the railway line and defiled her.

Daka says the victim reported the matter to the mother, who in turn took the case to Police, with the suspected now arrested.