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Lusaka Central Police Station received a report of Aggravated Robbery from Mr. Francis Chuya, aged 35, residing in an unmarked house number in Chibolya compound, Lusaka. Mr. Chuya reported that he was viciously attacked by a group of eight criminals, some armed with machetes, resulting in the theft of his property valued at K6700=00.

The incident occurred around 10:30 hours in Chibolya compound.
According to the complainant, while he was walking home in the morning, he encountered the assailants who, without provocation, attacked him with a machete, causing a deep cut on his head.

The criminals then proceeded to rob him of cash amounting to K5000=00 and an Itel P38 phone valued at K1700=00. The scene was visited, and an investigation into the aggravated robbery was launched.

Following up on the incident, on the same day at approximately 21:00 hours, Chibolya Police Post received a tip-off from vigilant members of the public. The tip indicated the presence of two notorious criminals, wanted for numerous aggravated robberies in Chibolya compound, who were hiding within the area.

Upon receiving the information, police officers swiftly responded to the location. As the officers approached, the two criminals, armed with four machetes, attempted to flee. With the assistance of the public, the police managed to apprehend the criminals.

However, during the process of taking them into lawful custody, the suspects managed to escape. Police, in an attempt to stop their escape, fired shots, resulting in the fatal shooting of the two criminals identified as Vesta and Albert.

The deceased individuals, Vesta and Albert, have been on the wanted list for aggravated robberies in Chibolya compound for a long time.

The bodies were immediately transported to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) mortuary for postmortem examinations and burial.