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Priscilla Deceived into Marriage,  It’s a Painful Journey with a Woman Who Lied About Her Virginity – Nigerian man cries out

When I decided to marry at age 42, I had clear, unwavering criteria for my future wife: she must be a virgin. My decision stemmed from my high school and university days, where I witnessed and experienced deceit in relationships firsthand. I dated several women, many of whom were in committed relationships, and even slept with them. Despite their infidelity, these women would still profess love for their boyfriends over the phone, sometimes even while lying in my bed. This experience eroded my trust in women and led me to vow that I would only marry a virgin, someone I believed I could trust completely.

For years, I lived a reckless lifestyle, avoiding serious relationships. But at 41, I decided it was time to settle down and find a good woman to marry. I sought advice and was directed to a church, where I met a woman who seemed to be everything I was looking for. She claimed to be a virgin and refused any physical intimacy before marriage, stating that her body was reserved for her husband. For over six months, I respected her wishes, believing I had finally found someone pure and trustworthy.

Our relationship progressed, and after a year, I decided it was time to meet her family for a traditional marriage. To my utter shock and disappointment, I discovered that she had been deceiving me all along. She was not a virgin, as she had claimed. When confronted, she admitted her lie but pleaded for understanding, saying she was scared I would leave her if I knew the truth.

Feeling betrayed, I asked her family for a refund of the bride price I had paid, as I felt I had been deceived into the marriage under false pretenses. For over six months, my requests have been ignored, leaving me frustrated and angry.

Priscilla, I shared my past and my reasons for needing honesty from the very beginning. Yet, you chose to deceive me. I do not wish to cause issues for you or your family, but I demand a refund of the bride price I paid. This was not the agreement, and I cannot accept the betrayal and dishonesty that have marred what should have been a trusting and loving union.