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National Council for Construction (NCC) says works at Independence Stadium in Solwezi are satisfactory as they are within the scope that was given to the contractor.

A team of NCC officials led by executive director Paul Makasa yesterday conducted an independent inspection following social media reports that the works fell short of the required standard.

Professor Makasa explained after the tour that they are satisfied with the works done so far. He said negative reports that came out of social media were misleading as most commentators spoke out of ignorance.

Two weeks ago during a Super League Week 21 match between Trident and Red Arrows, pictures of torn seats in the grand stand went viral on social media.

This prompted Minister of Youth, Sport and Arts Elvis Nkandu to direct the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) to ensure the contractor does a good job.

“What we did was [that] on Thursday we went to the FAZ offices to look at the scope of work that FAZ was given by FIFA regarding works on stadiums.

“All of us, including myself, an expert in building construction, have been misinformed through various social media platforms to think that the stadium was supposed to be completely rehabilitated to the level of having a new stadium.

But when we looked at the scope of work, we found that it was only piecemeal that was supposed to be attended to,” Makasa said.

He explained that the scope of work showed that one of the important parts of the stadium was the playing surface, which has been worked on to international standards.

Other parts that needed rehabilitation included the terraces, ablution blocks, changing rooms and ticketing offices, all of which were satisfactory.