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Samuel L. Jackson and his wife has been married for 44 years. Despite his fame and fortune, his marriage has stood the test of time.

The bond that he shared with his wife keeps getting stronger and better by every passing day.

Relationship is hard work. It requires commitment, patience, good communication, understanding and tolerance for it to work.

Sadly, modern women  don’t know what it takes to stay in a committed relationship. Modern vvomen enter into a relationship with unrealistic expectations and when their expectations are not met, they jump out of the relationship/marriage like a frog.

Modern women don’t put in the work but they just want to enjoy the benefits. Most times, you hear them say; a man has to be this and that before I can date him, he has to be giving me this and that before I will enter into a relationship with him. You will never hear them say what they will give the man. Relationship is all about them.

Modern women don’t work hard to be respectful, feminine and submissive to their significant other. They are only interested in what they can get out of a relationship.

That’s why marriages don’t last these days. The role model of modern vvomen are Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry and Mia Khalifa. They look up to soiled women who can’t sustain a long lasting relationship.