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Simple Ritual to Catch a Thief Red-Handed in Your Home or Shop

Hello, dear readers! Today, I want to share with you a powerful and simple ritual that can help you catch a thief red-handed in your home, shop, store, or farm. This traditional method is effective and easy to perform with a few readily available items.

Items You Will Need:

1. 1 Aiden Fruit (Prekese)
2. Firewood from Fire
3. Used House Broom
4. 21 Pins or Needles
5. Red Thread
6. 21 Alligator Pepper Seeds

Steps to Perform the Ritual:

1. Gather the Items:
   – Collect one Aiden fruit (Prekese), a piece of firewood from a fire, a used house broom, and 21 pins or needles.

2. Prepare the Pins or Needles:
   – Add the 21 pins or needles to the three items you have gathered.

3. Tie the Items Together:
   – Use the red thread to tie the Aiden fruit, firewood, and house broom together along with the pins or needles. Make sure the bundle is secure.

4. Chew the Alligator Pepper:
   – Chew the 21 alligator pepper seeds and spit the chewed seeds onto the tied items. This act symbolizes activating the ritual with your energy and intention.

5. Activate with Words:
   – Speak your intention over the tied items. For example, you can say, “Any thief who enters my shop/store/farm will be caught and will wait here until I come to free them myself.”

6. Hang the Bundle:
   – Hang the prepared bundle in your shop, store, farm, or any place you want to protect from thieves. Make sure it is placed in a hidden but strategic location.

This ritual will ensure that any thief who enters the protected area will be caught and unable to leave until you release them.

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