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Socialist Party Hits back  to HH’s ‘you don’t get pregnant by mistake’ remark

SP deputy secretary general Antonio Mwanza writes:

President Hakainde SAMMY Hichilema has been quoted in some sections of the media saying and I quote, “You don’t get pregnant by MISTAKE, you get pregnant because you want to get pregnant” end of quote.

The statement by the President is not only incorrect but very misleading. It’s not true that everyone who gets pregnant does so by choice, NO. You can be raped and get pregnant; you can get pregnant by having casual sex in the name of having fun. Let’s not mislead young and inexperienced girls with such incorrect assumptions.

Zambia is grappling with a serious challenge of teen pregnancies and early marriages. We have too many teen pregnancies; and the majority of these pregnancies are unplanned and unwanted pregnancies.

Is the president saying that the thousands of our young girls who are getting pregnant are doing so by choice? Some, yes but the majority are not.

Let’s preach correct messages, especially to our young adults. As parents and leaders, we should be in the forefront educating and cautioning our teenage girls about the dangers of casual sex, one of which is ‘unplanned and unwanted pregnancies’; we shouldn’t be misleading them that they can only get pregnant when and if they want, NO.

Six research studies carried out in Zambia (two quantitative, two qualitative, and two mixed methods) have been reviewed. Factors at an individual’s level such as early or child marriage, exposure to media, knowledge about sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and contraception, contraceptive use, as well as risky sexual behaviours were found to be significantly associated with adolescent pregnancy. Peer pressure, educational attainment, household wealth, and the power dynamics of the household head were identified as the major socio-economic factors alongside socio-cultural, gender and sexual norms amongst other environmental and contextual factors. Policy level factors identified were lack and limited access to SRH information and services by adolescents, including an enabling legal environment.

Issued by
Antonio Mourinho Mwanza
Deputy General Secretary (Politics)
Socialist Party – Zambia