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The Southern Provincial Local Government Office has advised Councillors from Gwembe Town Council to resist the temptation of getting involved in illegal land issues as it could ruin their political careers.

Southern Provincial Local Government Officer Clayton Hamulyata says land is a very sensitive matter and mishandling it can result in serious disputes, unrest and also slows down development.

And Hamulyata is disappointed that majority of councils nationwide are entangled in serious land issues which has led to premature end of political careers of some councilors due to their involvement.

Addressing councilors during a reorientation meeting in Gwembe, Hamulyata, however, commended the Gwembe Town Council for being one of the few Councils in the Country whose delegated power to deal with land has never been revoked.

And Hamulyata has encouraged the Local Authority in Gwembe to continue working hard in opening up the District for development.

Gwembe Town Council Secretary Maliwa Muchuu says the reorientation on how Councilors are supposed to conduct themselves has come at the right time when decentralization is at its full peak.

He has urged Councillors to be equipped with information regarding decentralization because it is the major focus of the New Dawn Government.