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Story: Once Upon A Mother Episode 1

Arh ugonna, it shall not be well with you wherever you are. I am finish, I’m finally pregnant at the age of 23, my mother is going to finish me. I warned you we shouldn’t do this? And now you’re nowhere to be found. Ogechi rolling on the floor from end to end at the backyard. Ogechi, ogechi, her mother called out and she didn’t hear her earlier.

Yes..yes mama, I’m coming please,I’m trying to wash the plates so I can set firewood for the food. Ogechi running to the mother, quickly wiped her eyes and put on a fake smile.

Ogechi… ogechi, come closer here to me. Ogechi mother said to her. I said come here, what I’m I seeing? Is it what my mind is telling me?.

Fear ran down ogechi spine, she was filled with grieved. I hope she doesn’t suspect anything, oh God I hope. She soliloquy as she slowly moved towards the mother. M..mma..mama it’s the fire you asked me to set I’m just about to do, let me go and do it.

Ogechi wanted to stylishly escape but the mother grab her by the hand…

Ogechi, who got you pregnant, are you pregnant? I know what I’m seeing and I can tell you are pregnant. Or the whole village will gather for us now, tell me before I bite you oo.

Ogechi began to shiver all over, she poured the water that was inside her mouth out of fear. No no ma..mama, I am not pregnant oo,no I’m not pregnant I don’t even know what you’re talking about nah.

Ogechi I said tell me the truth today, if not you will know why my name is called adaugo, you know what I’m capable of. The mother resize her wrapper on her waist and tie the head tie very well.

I am so sorry, it was a mistake mama, and I will never do it again. Infact it’s out of ignorance, it’s out of ignorance. Please forgive me I promise you it won’t happen again. Ogechi kneeling down and pleading tearfully.

Ogechi wait for me, I am coming, you think I will beat you? I won’t beat you but you shall see. I suffered for you since your father died, your brother went to serve his master and I don’t know if he’s death or alive.

You want to disgrace me in this village and I am a leader of CWO in this village, you will know me today. Aah ogechi for all I’ve done for you.

Ogechi mother went inside,came out, ogechi was still kneeling down crying profusely and begging for her forgiveness. Ogechi mother remove her slippers under hot sun.

Holding a cup of water and pack some sands from the ground and raise it up. Ogechi, for all the suffering, all my sweat, for everything I did just to give you life. Today I curse you ogechi, I curse your existence, I curse you even in death.

You will suffer in the life, your life will be full of disgrace, shame and disgust. You will never know peace, nobody will see you as anything and you will die with that bastard in your womb.

I am the leader of CWO in church and the good name you would’ve brought to me is Shane and disgrace. Henceforth may the day become dark for you and may your becomes darken.

Ogechi put her hand on her head, rolling on the floor begging her mother to forgive her. Fear griped ogechi as her mother continue to pour curses on her.

May this earth judge you. She poured water on the ground and continue. As water gives life,may it bring tears, pain, agony and somewhat dead to you. Ogechi you think you can disgrace me and make my CWO women make mockery of me in church and this village? Mbanu.

Obianuju her friend was coming from the CWO meeting, she heard as ogechi was screaming. When she draw closer she saw ogechi rolling on  the ground on the mud.

She she eveasdrop on ogechi mother her friend, and could hear the curses. Obianuju had goosebumps all over her body, she screamed.

Jesus, Jesus adaugo, what has your daughter done to deserve such curses from you. Ewo ooo adaugo shut up and ask God for forgiveness now and reverse it.

Obianuju leave me, reverse what? So shall it be for her and that bastard inside her womb. She stamp her legs on the ground and poured the remaining water on ogechi.

To be continue.

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Story by Mirach Amba