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blood convenant

It was around 8 am in the morning, Joy came to my house and we went to a nearby clinic for blood a test, we spent 4 hours and finally the result was out. when i checked the result, behold My genotype was ASĀ  and when Joy checked her own it was
AS also, the doctor advised us not to marry

DANGER OF BLOOD COVENANT EPISODE 8 After i escaped the second trap from kate and her group, i started hiding myself,i wanted to join a cult so that i could actually fight back, but zacky my friend asked me not…

A Young Man From Abia State Reportedly Ran Mad Because Of The Blood Oath He Took With A Young Lady

A young youth from Abia State has been reportedly ramad because of blood oath they took with a young lady. According to our source, the boy is said to have meet the lady during their secondary school days while they…


one fateful day something happened, Kate came to our house wearing her shots as well, she said something fell into her eyes that i should look straight into her eyes to help her remove it, and i was about to…