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The full buck moon brings a great shift

July’s full buck moon is set to arrive after sunset on Sunday the 21st and it will be the biggest and brightest supermoon of the year. Whether you’re looking for it or not, this moon will bring a significant amount of change into your life, but how you choose to accept it and harness its powerful energy is up to you. The buck moon got its name from the male deers’ antlers which are in full-growth during this time, just like the moon which is at its peak. As for your emotions, it is crucial that you listen to your heart. If your body is calling for you to rest, slow down and spend time at home, if you want to start something new, now is the time to put things in place, or if you want to work on your relationships, be upfront, honest, and work on your connections.

What does full buck moon mean for your zodiac sign?

You may be feeling overwhelmed and need time alone. Now is the best time to focus on yourself and your healing. It may be helpful to tune out any external voices and noises, and concentrate on what is most important to you in order to find ways to help you get there. Harness the moon’s powerful energy to process things with a clear mind and conscience and you may find that it gives you the closure you need.


Use this time to evaluate your relationships and consider whether they are serving you in a positive way. If anyone in your life is not bringing you joy or happiness, it might be time to take a step back and channel your energy into healthy relationships instead. Be open and honest with your feelings and ensure that all parties are on the same page and accept that if things aren’t working out, it might be the better option to walk away rather than forcing them.

The full buck moon in Aries will present an opportunity to enhance your career and life’s purpose. The moon will help you assess whether you are in the right position and if a change in direction should be on the cards. If you’re feeling like your workload is getting out of control, or your responsibilities have been increased, this may be the sign that it’s time for a new career path. While it might be a daunting prospect, it will work out in your favor.

For the taurus, the full buck moon is the perfect time to step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. There are countless opportunities waiting for you which could alter the direction of your life. Whether it’s traveling, taking up a new hobby, starting a new project, gaining a new skill, or creating new connections, this is the time to try it out.

You might feel most comfortable keeping everything as surface level as possible, but July is the ideal time to start delving deeper. It could be a relationship, an emotion, or something else, but if there was ever a time to put your heart into something, the full buck moon will present you with the right opportunity.

For cancers, this month’s focus should be on your relationships. Take the time to identify who is most important to you in your life and work on strategies to enhance your bond. Whether it is a romantic partner, a family member, or a friend, the full buck moon will give you the tools to establish trust and build on your existing connection.

Leos must use the full buck moon’s energy to help others, as well as yourself. Self-care is equally, if not more important, than caring for those around you. Keep an eye on your health, make sure you are practicing a positive way of living to enlighten your spirit and be a bright light for those around you as well.

The full buck moon can heighten your emotions and feelings in a number of ways and for the Virgo, it may bring us past hurt. Although things may feel overwhelming and consuming, you can work with this energy to come out stronger than ever. Make sure to do something that brings you a great amount of joy and allows you to forget about the pain.

You may feel yourself wanting to break away from everyone and everything and spend some time alone. Don’t worry about feeling like this, it’s your body telling you it needs to reset and hide away for a little bit. It’s ok to be introverted during July, it may be the ideal time for you to replenish your energy and recharge your spirit before emerging as a stronger person.

In a direct contrast from the Libra, Scorpios may feel more extraverted this month as the buck moon transitions into full illumination. There will be a strong desire to be surrounded by people, be more involved in social situations, and develop new relationships. If a new connection is made, you may be more likely to thrive in it regardless if it’s romantic or platonic.

Slowing down and embracing the moment is ideal for the Sagittarius during July. Allow the full buck moon’s powerful energy to permeate into all aspects into your life and feel more connected to the universe. You may feel the need to practice introspection and take the right actions to enhance your life in the future.

Capricorn’s should expect to feel heightened emotions all month long. You may start to consider your identity and purpose and try to understand how everything will fit into your life. Don’t try to rush this process, everything will start to fall into place. This moment could be incredibly poignant and allow you to become your authentic self.

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