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The price of Indomie is gradually coming down,I will not buy it again until it comes down to normal 5k at list – Bright Cyprian Akwuruoha

An Abia born entrepreneur Bright Cyprian Akwuruoha, popularly known as Santa cyprian has taken to his Facebook page to express the high price of indomie noodles which happens to be students fast food.

According to him he said the price of indomie is gradually coming down I will not buy again until it comes down to normal 5K at least.

Mind you the price of indomie super pack which happens to be poor man’s food in Nigeria skyrocketed to over 150% moving from the normal 5,000 Naira used to be till 18,000 Naira and $20,000 Naira depending on location.

The hike in the price of indomie noodles is as a result of naira to Dollar rate which Naira has been a week currency compared to the counterparts dollar.