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There is this archbishop and founder of one of the very popular pentecostal ministries in Nigeria that I met while I was in secondary school




He organized an inter-schools debate competition and I represented my school. I won the competition, he gave me the prizes and promised to support me in my academics.

My dad died the previous year and my mum was having a hard time seeing us through school. I was so happy I could relieve her some burden on my side.

The bishop told me that I was free to come to his office whenever I need help. He placed me on a monthly salary for my academics which I always submitted to my mom.

He told me that he would like to meet my mum, I was surprised cos of his huge status…I didn’t expect he will have such interest.

To my surprise he came to our house, saw my mom and told her how interested he was in me, how intelligent and smart I was and even went ahead to tell her that if it was possible for him to turn himself into a young guy, that he would do it and come to ask for my hand in marriage.

They laughed over it, he gave her 100k to take care of my waec registration and that of my two siblings cos we were in same class.

After he left, my mom gave me a prayer topic to start that night. Topic was to tell God that I’m very grateful for the destiny helper he sent my way through that bishop, and that he should please continue to control his heart not to go astray from the reason he sent him my way.

She also told me to always tell her whatever discussion I have with the man and I should for no reason accept to follow him to his house or any enclosed space.

Just as if she knew what was about to happen, the man invited me to his office like he always does at the end of every month.

I got there, he attended and dismissed every other person there including his secretary. He told me that he about traveling to abroad to visit his branch ministry there, and started telling me how we would soon start touring the world together.

He reaffirmed that he will try his best to fill the vacuum of my late dad and make sure I don’t lack anything. He gave me a brand new smart phone and asked me to hug him in appreciation.

He normally hugs me whenever he sees me and I didn’t see anything wrong with it. So I hugged him as usual and he gripped me tightly in his arms and the next, he started kissing me.

I struggled with him and let my self loose from his grip. He looked very embarrassed and he started apologizing. I accepted his apology and told him I wanted to go home.

He told me he forgot to bring the envelope containing my monthly salary that he was supposed to give me and that he is running out of time already to catch up with his flight.

He suggested that I follow him to his house and take the envelope so that he can also pick his luggage and leave for the airport.

I told him that i was out of time already to pick my younger ones from school and suggested that he gives it to any of his workers to pay it into my account.

He refused and said that none of his workers knows his relationship with me and he doesn’t need them to know. He gave me the option of following him home or forgetting about the salary for that month.

I chose the later and I left. He didn’t even give me transport fare as usual. I trekked from there to our house and I told my mom what happened.

Since then, our relationship diminished to a point that he even avoids seeing me. Whenever I chat or call him, he would tell me that he’s either critically sick and hospitalized or that he wasn’t in the country.

I got admission into the university and he sent me 20k to support my registration. He also sends me monthly declaration message and still sends me birthday prayers and wishes every year.

I chat him myself once in a while to check on him. When I was about getting married, I called him to know if he was in Nigeria so I could bring him my invitation card with a wine or any other gifts but he told me he was not in Nigeria.

He didn’t sound excited at all, he just asked me some background questions about my husband and I answered them all. He told me that I was still very young for marriage but he wishes me well and would be there on my wedding if he’s in Nigeria by then.

As my wedding drew closer, I resent him the invite as a reminder but he didn’t acknowledge receiving them. On my wedding, he didn’t come and he didn’t call or chat to know how it went.

I called him some days later to know if he was okay at all but he didn’t pick up. After 5months, he chatted me to check on me. I wasn’t surprised cos that has been his behavior for over 5 years since that incident at his office.

I was happy he still remembers to check on me and I sincerely hold nothing against him. He was really sent by God to me and my family and I’ll always be grateful for what God used him to do for us.

I gave birth few months later and a week after I was discharged, I chatted him and told that I gave birth. He rained congratulations on me and asked for her pictures which I sent to him. He responded that my baby is so beautiful and special and that was all.

Just 4 hours later, my baby began to cry uncontrollably. Everything we did to make her stop crying wasn’t fruitful, she kept crying and jetting like someone having seizure. She even refused sucking breast.

This lasted for almost twenty minutes and we got so restless because since almost 2 weeks she was born, she hasn’t cried like that before. She only cries when we are bathing her. She’s always quiet and peaceful.

I wanted to try dialling my sister’s number so I can speak to my mom and just immediately, my mom’s call came in. I was surprised to see her call cos her phone is always switched off whenever she goes to church.

She asked about my daughter and I told her what was happening, she asked me who I sent my baby’s picture to and I said nobody except few of my friends abroad.

She told me she had a strange sign of danger concerning my baby while in church so she switched on her phone immediately to call.

She told me that an occultic person I sent my baby’s picture to is making an occultic invocation to siphon my baby’s star and if the access he has to her isn’t cut off, that my baby would cry continuously and loose breathe or she will turn to an imbecile.

She asked me to give the phone to my husband, she then told my husband what to do and that she will call us again after church.

My husband brought the annointing oil we had and anointed her forehead while bridging any access to her through prayers and she suddenly stopped crying  and slept off.

I was so scared and kept checking on her breathe almost every minute. She woke up after a long sleep and was back to normal.

My mom came after church and asked if I sent baby’s picture to that bishop. For a minute, I was lost because if I’m to count my enemies or those that would hurt me or my child, he won’t cross my mind.

She told me that the man is very occultic and there is no occultic person that would see the kind of star my daughter is carrying and wouldn’t want to have it for him or herself.

I couldn’t say a word, my mouth was just open. She said the man has done it to few of his members that brought their child for dedication and it’s just few because its a rare kind of star to find amongst children.

She said he uses it to intensify his powers and make his church more powerful. I was so shocked, all I could say was “what did I do to him to deserve such??, did I offend him?”

I picked up my phone to give him a piece of mind and I found out that he had blocked me. That was even more shocking. Someone I chatted not up to six hours ago, we had no disagreement whatsoever, nothing at all.

I tried calling, he also blocked my line. I used my husband’s line and checked him on Whatsapp, he was online, I called him and it rang. I was numb.

My mom gave me strict warnings on how to guard my daughter until she is of age. Till today, whenever I remember that man…I feel goosebumps all over me.

My daughter has brought us so much fortune that I cannot mention all. I got my first dollar in life as postnatal gift from someone I least expected..huge amount o.

Someone gave my husband a car gift, our business started booming again, our business associates that forgot us for years suddenly started remembering us, even our debtors that we already considered bad debts are paying us.

The fortune effect extended to my mom and mother inlaw and even to three of my friends that brought me a gift at the hospital. My daughter is just six months and I feel so special to be her mum”


Viral Gist

‘Aunt, I’m asking for help. ‘Aunty, please help me. It’s not money that I want; I just need you to buy me exercise books for school – 12-year-old boy named Ernest Make a Viral Headline Request



“I met a 12-year-old boy named Ernest who approached me and said, ‘Aunt, I’m asking for help.’ Initially, I hesitated and ignored him, but he persisted, saying, ‘Aunty, please help me. It’s not money that I want; I just need you to buy me exercise books for school.’ He explained that he lives with his grandmother and younger brother, and his grandmother’s legs are swollen to the extent that she cannot walk. He told me he attends a small community primary school and has no one to provide him with books, although he already has a uniform and shoes from the earnings of the odd jobs he’s been doing.

We went to a shop in the market, and I bought 10 exercise books for him. The boy was overjoyed and said, ‘Aunty, they’ll last me the whole year until I write my final exams.’ He shared that his grandmother used to sell vegetables to support him and his brother, but her swelling legs prevent her from continuing, leaving him with no choice but to walk to town every day to seek help or find work if available to earn money for food.

His eloquence and the details he shared in such a short time amazed me.

Please, let’s not ignore those who ask for help, as some truly need it. I’m glad I could extend a helping hand to this little boy in the best way I could.”

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Viral Gist

My wife brought a suggestion that we adopt a baby, I refused at first but I later came to a conclusion it might be the right thing to do since, she was crying almost every night for our childlessness. so I thought to my self this could be a way to make her feel better while we wait for our own,



for 6 yrs of marriage, I and my wife were unable to have kids, luckily my family wasn’t given us any pressure but rather they kept encouraging& consoling us to wait for God’s time .

My wife brought a suggestion that we adopt a baby, I refused at first but I later came to a conclusion it might be the right thing to do since, she was crying almost every night for our childlessness. so I thought to my self this could be a way to make her feel better while we wait for our own,

We finally adopted a baby of 5 yrs old, Miraculously, 2 months later my wife got pregnant, glory be to God I’m now a father of twins a boy and a girl… It’s been a year, so I noticed my wife  gradually becoming cruel to our adopted son, as she now mistreat & even starves him on daily bases as heard from very close neighbors, especially in my absence

She even wants us to go and return the boy to the orphanage were we took him as she no longer wants him, she claims we now have kids & there isn’t need keeping the boy around as she can’t  raise someone else’s child . I’ve tried begging my wife, but she has refused to see reasons with me why we should keep the little boy because according to her she wants to protect her childrens future

Actually, I believe God used this boy to bless us, even my business started to flourish the moment he came in to my house but yet I don’t want to loose my family as my wife threatens to leave with my children if I do not send the boy away

pls people kindly advise me on this because I don’t know what els to do  at the moment”

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Viral Gist

Am 29 yrs-old, it all started when I lost my parents, then I was 14, I dropped out of school because no one could afford to pay my fees, Then I met a Guy Called Frank



I met a guy by name Frank, I was 17yrs old that time, he’ll always help me & decided to sent me back to school. He sold fruits on the streets so that he could pay my fees before he later got a job as a truck driver & sent me to university well, thats by the way, actually as we speak, I’m actually working as a lawyer. My problem is that, honestly i can’t continue with this relationship, I’ve tried & tried to keep up but i can’t, Franking is just not my type of man, not even close, I no longer see myself in this, i don’t want to go into a relationship or marriage just out of pity, I don’t deserve that..

I’m actually grateful he helped me when i had no one but I can’t..
I want somebody in my own class not a truck driver! it doesn’t look good on my reputation, i can’t even introduce him to my friends or colleagues because am ashamed of him & very sure they laugh at me behind my back well, to cut the long story short, i met a guy in my final year. We’ve been going on for almost a year now & he has proposed, our wedding cards are already in process as we speak

But, the issue am facing now is, i just do not know how to go about it telling Frank, he’s a good guy, pls help me, advise me on this, how best can I tell him this without hurting his feelings I’m so confused in this pls!. .

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