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Things To Know Before Starting A Logistics Business

If you want to enter this business, please read the following information regarding the prices of Okada (Logistics Ride):

• Q link the one on the picture: ₦1,150m
• Daylong: ₦880,000
• KC Sanya: ₦950,000
• Qlink: ₦900,000
• Denstar: ₦970,000
• Box: ₦50,000

Prices vary based on the motorcycle model you choose.

For registration in Enugu State, there’s a ₦150,000 permit known as a courier permit, obtainable at the Ministry of Transportation (MOT) office.
Additional fees include those from the Nigeria Postal Service, vehicle license, roadworthiness, emblem, Pattywest Nigeria, and other charges. Just keep around ₦300,000 for all required fees to operate effectively in this town.

This advice is specifically for young men interested in entering this hustle. It is profitable but comes with pros and cons. Resilience is key to success. Life is not easy, so expect challenges.

One of my rider friend told he makes at least ₦10,000 or more daily when there’s work, totaling approximately ₦60,000 weekly excluding Sundays.
Expenses for the day were not added to this fee.

What you need to survive is to position yourself. Go to restaurants, bars, and even hotels. Join Facebook groups and some WhatsApp market groups. What I know is that there is money in it if you know what you are doing, and the good thing is that the motorcycle doesn’t consume fuel like keke mini-bus or dyna, so chances that you will save more are there. Also tell your friends that you are doing this so they can easily use your services.

If you are not doing anything and you have over ₦1.5m sitting in your account that isn’t working for you as a guy, use it and invest in this hustle. Buy the dispatch ride and drive it yourself. Trust me, if you don’t sm●ke, w●manize, and you don’t g¤mble, you will save that money you invested in the logistics business within one year and some months.

Then, for anyone who chooses to go into this as a business owner, the major problem here is getting riders that will drive for you. So, the best option you can adopt is to buy the ride, get the necessary documents, advertise that you need people who can ride, and do it on higher purchase.
You will make your money back with some profits. I have had a series of people who started this business and closed it down due to a lack of riders. Not that you can’t get riders, but most of them are full of excuses, and it’s not like they aren’t making money. So, the Nigerian factors play a big role in it.

If you choose to give it out on higher purchase or weekly returns, what you will get is 10k weekly or even 15k, depending on what you agree with the rider.

It’s a promising hustle for both young men and business owners. Delivering a parcel from the office to places like Emene can yield ₦2,000 and above.
The more the distance the more the money.

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