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Viral Gist

This is Pyar Kalho Naho,
India’s legendary footballer and Nigeria’s nemesis.

According to the legend: in the late 1970’s when India played a match with Nigeria, Kalho Naho was monumental in the destruction of the Nigerian team.

It is claimed that Kalho Naho scored 88 goals that evening because whenever he took a shot, the Nigerian goalkeeper saw the ball as an Angry lion coming speedily right at him, so he fled from the post.

The Nigeria goalkeeper finally attempted and bravely caught one shot from the Indian striker but the Nigerian keeper got blind immediately.

It is also said that the entire Indian team played barefooted and the match ended 99:1 in favour of india.

The stubborn Nigerian player that managed to score the one goal against India vanished on the spot and till date has never been seen again.

India were banned from football by FIFA for a hundred years after that match.