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Viral Gist

Today is my daughter birthday she is 13 today but has never met her father because he has never asked or looked for her and I know she wants to meet him but how to go about it is what I don’t know

I met the father and we dated for 2yrs .His cousins knows about our relationship because it got to a time he told me he will want to settle down with me if the time comes.
He was very supportive in the little way he could the period I was still schooling.
Along the line , I became pregnant and he said I should abort it because he’s not ready to be a father and don’t want to marry me with pregnancy. I told him I couldn’t do such. He gave me money but i refuse to collect it and he kept insisting so I brought his sister in the picture and she called both of us and talked to us about the issue and he apologized and said it was the devil that was pushing him that he is sorry that we should talk about how to see both parents since our parents are in different states from us. I was glad he came to his senses because his words that hurt me more was when he said if I refused to abort the pregnancy then he gift me the child for Free.

His work took him away from the state we were while we were preparing so he invited to come and know the place and where he will be staying, I got there we made out but in the process he started fingering me which I know he doesn’t do and I became uncomfortable but he said is normal I shouldn’t allow it to disturb me. The next day I had to return to school because we’re rounding up project, when I got to school I started feeling pains it continues until I couldn’t bear it and I told my friend so we went to the school clinic then I have started bleeding and I was already 4 months. The doctor check me and said I just tried to commit abortion but I didn’t. I called him he refused picking . I sent him message he refused replying that is when I remember his fingering he inserted tablet inside me. The bleeding was control and we never communicate again till I gave birth to my daughter I gave birth to twins because the father is also twins but one could not make it she was too weak and very tiny due to the effects of the drugs.

Today my daughter clocked 13 years old.  She just finished junior WAEC the load is not easy on me I can’t even save because of responsibility some times I feel like calling him out to his responsibility but how do I start because tomorrow he can come back and reap where he didn’t sow. And some times I wish I can find her a father to adopt her as his own because she needs fatherly attention she has been asking but where do we start looking for a father who has never looked for us?? Please where do I start from?