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Veteran Nollywood actor, CHIWETALU AGU shared a recent altercation with his 20-year-old son on social media

Agu recounted, “Yesterday, I posted a video explaining that I gave my son N187,000 to buy an iPhone 13 Pro Max. Initially, when I saw the iPhone 13 Pro Max he was using, I asked him the price, and he said N187,000. That’s why I gave him money to buy the same model for me.

He displayed the two phones on his screen, saying, ‘This is the iPhone 13 Pro Max he is using in my right hand, and this is the one he bought for me in my left hand.’

After making the video, I checked the comment section and discovered the actual price of the phone. I called my son out from his room and asked him again, ‘How much did you say you bought the iPhone 13 Pro Max?’ He answered, ‘I bought my iPhone 13 Pro Max for N187,000.’

I responded, ‘But I found out the phone costs over a million naira. I’m your father; you don’t have to lie to me. So, tell me the truth, how much did you buy the phone?’ I urged him because the phone costs at least N1.1 million.

His son tried to lie, saying the phone cost 187k but that the accessories, including the pouch and screen guard, brought the total to 1.1 million naira. I asked him where he got the money to cover the difference, and he couldn’t answer.

I asked him, ‘Where have you been getting your food?’

He replied, ‘My mum has been cooking, and I’m eating from the house.’

I then asked, ‘Henceforth, where will you be getting your food?’

‘Dad, I don’t understand. Are we fasting or starting to fast?’

I asked again, ‘Where will you be getting your food?’

‘This house, of course, but your question is confusing,’ he said.

I clarified, ‘Let me break it down for you. Someone who can buy a phone worth N1.1 million can take care of themselves and the entire family. Are you involved in internet fraud?’ He said no.

‘Then how were you able to buy a phone for N1.1 million? Because I’m sure I didn’t give you the money.’

‘I have many sources of income,’ he answered.

‘Can you tell me about these sources of income?’

‘No, sir,’ he replied. ‘There are things I do online that you may not understand.’

‘That means you’re involved in internet fraud.’

Since you can buy a phone for N1.1 million, you are now part of the breadwinners of the family. You may go to your room.”