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1. Many women dress up for the public but they don’t put as much effort to dress up for their husband in bed. Lady, your number one audience is your man

2. Many women complain that their husbands don’t sex them good, yet they do not express what they want their husbands to sexually do to them. Lady, your man doesn’t read minds

3. Many women are shy in bed, largely because of their low self esteem making the husband feel as if he is forcing a sexual encounter with her since she comes off as disengaged in the act. Lady work on your self esteem, it directly affects your sex life

4. Many women do not praise their husband’s performance in bed even when he is good. Lady, the more you talk well about his penis, the way he touches you, the way he licks you; the more he want to please you. Work on his ego

5. Many women belittle their husband, talk down at him with disrespect and then expect him to give great sex. Lady, when you undermine him and talk to him as if he is not man enough because he doesn’t earn “enough money”, he has failed in his goals a few times; be sure he will not be so interested in making love to you

6. Many women are inactive during sex because they think it is the husband’s role to lead in sex. So she lies in bed, lifeless, passive and bored expecting him to do all the sexual heavy lifting. Lady, men too want to be sexually made advances on: both of you giving, both of you taking

7. Many women think that complaining and nagging will get a man to do the right thing. What they fail to realize is that it only leads to the man repelling the woman, he will struggle to desire to kiss her and touch her. She will drain him. To get a man to do what you want, inspire him, compliment him for the good he has done so far, show him how him doing right makes you smile because men love to be the reason a woman smiles. Then in bed, he will pursue you because he feels safe with you