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Can a man who loves his wife very much start seeing another woman on the side?

In relationships, particularly in marriage, fidelity is often considered a cornerstone.However, the reality is that some married men engage in relationships outside their marriage, known as having “side chicks,” while still professing love for their wives. This behaviour can be annoying and hurtful, raising questions about love and loyalty.

Emotional and physical disconnect:
In some cases, men might look for someone else outside their marriage due to emotional or physical dissatisfaction. They may feel like they’re not close to their wives anymore due to various reasons like busy schedules, family responsibilities, or simply drifting apart over time. Finding someone new might temporarily fill this void, providing the affection or excitement they feel is missing. Importantly, this does not necessarily mean they no longer love their wives, but it shows a gap in their marital fulfilment.

The thrill of the chase
For some men, the allure of a new relationship is the excitement of the chase to get to know someone new. This thrill can be intoxicating, like a temporary escape from the routine of married life.Self-esteem and validation
Sometimes, a man might feel unsure about himself. Maybe he’s worried he’s not fun or handsome enough anymore. If another woman pays attention to him, it can make him feel valued, successful, or young again. It’s like a deep-seated need for approval.

Love is complicated:

The human capacity for love is vast and complex. It’s possible to love someone deeply but still make choices that hurt them. A man might truly love his wife and not want to leave her but still end up with another woman. It shows that people’s feelings can be very mixed up and hard to understand. This duality of love and betrayal is the complexities of human emotions and moral choices.

Lack of communication
A lot of times, men and women in a marriage don’t talk about what’s bothering them. Maybe they’re scared or don’t want to argue. But not talking can make things worse. If a man is unhappy and doesn’t say anything, he might look for happiness outside the marriage.

Societal and cultural influences
In some cultures or societies, it’s normal for men to see other women even when they’re married. The societal pressure to conform to certain norms of masculinity, including displaying sexual prowess, can also play a role.That doesn’t make it right, but it can make some men think it’s not a big deal.

How to fix it
The best way to solve this problem is to talk openly and honestly. If a man is feeling unhappy, he should tell his wife. They can work on it together. Maybe they need to spend more time together or find new ways to make each other happy. Love means being honest and taking care of each other’s feelings. Talking about problems and working on them together is the best way to keep love strong.