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Can a man who loves his wife very much start seeing another woman on the side?

In relationships, particularly in marriage, fidelity is often considered a cornerstone.However, the reality is that some married men engage in relationships outside their marriage, known as having “side chicks,” while still professing love for their wives. This behaviour can be annoying and hurtful, raising questions about love and loyalty.

Emotional and physical disconnect:
In some cases, men might look for someone else outside their marriage due to emotional or physical dissatisfaction. They may feel like they’re not close to their wives anymore due to various reasons like busy schedules, family responsibilities, or simply drifting apart over time. Finding someone new might temporarily fill this void, providing the affection or excitement they feel is missing. Importantly, this does not necessarily mean they no longer love their wives, but it shows a gap in their marital fulfilment.

The thrill of the chase
For some men, the allure of a new relationship is the excitement of the chase to get to know someone new. This thrill can be intoxicating, like a temporary escape from the routine of married life.Self-esteem and validation
Sometimes, a man might feel unsure about himself. Maybe he’s worried he’s not fun or handsome enough anymore. If another woman pays attention to him, it can make him feel valued, successful, or young again. It’s like a deep-seated need for approval.

Love is complicated:

The human capacity for love is vast and complex. It’s possible to love someone deeply but still make choices that hurt them. A man might truly love his wife and not want to leave her but still end up with another woman. It shows that people’s feelings can be very mixed up and hard to understand. This duality of love and betrayal is the complexities of human emotions and moral choices.

Lack of communication
A lot of times, men and women in a marriage don’t talk about what’s bothering them. Maybe they’re scared or don’t want to argue. But not talking can make things worse. If a man is unhappy and doesn’t say anything, he might look for happiness outside the marriage.

Societal and cultural influences
In some cultures or societies, it’s normal for men to see other women even when they’re married. The societal pressure to conform to certain norms of masculinity, including displaying sexual prowess, can also play a role.That doesn’t make it right, but it can make some men think it’s not a big deal.

How to fix it
The best way to solve this problem is to talk openly and honestly. If a man is feeling unhappy, he should tell his wife. They can work on it together. Maybe they need to spend more time together or find new ways to make each other happy. Love means being honest and taking care of each other’s feelings. Talking about problems and working on them together is the best way to keep love strong.

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A man of Ndola has sued his wife’s boss for allegedly having an affair with her after he discovered pictures of him playing with her wig in their office.

Godwin Malama of Kabushi Township has sued Bilkash Dapania, a man of Indian origin whom he accused of committing adultery with Naomi Bwalya, 33.

When the case came up before Ndola Main Local Magistrate Bizarre Nyoni, Malama told the court that what made him suspect Dapania of having an affair with Bwalya were the photos he found on her phone.

Malama told the court that the pictures were captured on September 27 last year around 07:00 hours, when the alleged adultery is suspected to have happened.
In his testimony, Dapania told the court that there were other employees in the office when the photos were captured.

And Nicholas Bwalya, who is Bwalya’s immediate supervisor, said on the material day, they were having a light moment in the morning with other employees before commencing work when Bwalya arrived at work.

“Bwalya came with a wig at the office so we started joking about how it looked on her considering her dark complexion. We joked that it would look better on our boss. So we got the wig from her and put it on his head,” he said.

Bwalya said that it was at that point that she started getting some pictures of Dapania putting on the wig.

In her testimony, she told the court that she suspects the reason her husband accused her of having an affair with her boss was because she filed for divorce before the incident.

Magistrate Nyoni adjourned the case to March 5, 2024 for judgement.


Wahala For Mama Of Lagos: Bobrisky’s male biological organs are still intact – NCoS exposes crossdresser




The Nigerian Correctional Services (NCoS) has exposed popular crossdresser, Bobrisky over his lies about his gender change.

officials revealed that after a thorough examination, it was revealed that there was no evidence of gender or genital organ realignment. Bobrisky’s male biological characteristics remained unchanged.

This revelation has no doubt exposed the crossdresser who claimed months back that he had acquired a vagina. He told Nigerians to start addressing him as a woman, claiming that he had taken off his manhood.

Before the vagina acquisition, Bobrisky had undergone boobs enlargement and had shared photos of himself flaunting his new boobs.

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Bobrisky Has Accepted Her Faith With Total Submission To Nigerian Law




A cell was allocated to Bobrisky, and he has a certain number of male inmates with him. A bed space was also allotted to him. It is just like a boarding house where your housemaster will issue you your personal belongings.”

“When it is time for class, he attends. When it is time for food, he will go and get his portion. The same goes with prep and light out. He observes all these without preference. He has been going about his business just like other inmates since he was brought in here.” — NCS officials give an update on Bobrisky.

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Kenneth Okonkwoborn on November 6, 1968, in Nsukka, which is located in Enugu State, a stalwart of the Nigerian film industry, is celebrated for his iconic role as Andy Okeke in the groundbreaking movie “Living in Bondage.”




Kenneth Okonkwoborn on November 6, 1968, in Nsukka, which is located in Enugu State, a stalwart of the Nigerian film industry, is celebrated for his iconic role as Andy Okeke in the groundbreaking movie “Living in Bondage.”

His portrayal not only earned him widespread acclaim but also glued his status as a pivotal figure in the genre of occult movies within Nollywood. Beyond his illustrious acting career, Okonkwo is a man of many talents, including law and politics. His dedication to the Labour Party reflects his commitment to contributing to Nigeria’s socio-economic revival.

As a party, Labour has been at the forefront of efforts to rejuvenate the nation’s economy, aligning with Okonkwo’s own aspirations for societal betterment.

In recent years, Kenneth Okonkwo has taken a step back from the limelight of movie sets, signaling a shift in his focus towards more pressing matters of human interest and constitutional rights.

This transition from entertainment to advocacy showcases his agility and deep-seated desire to make a meaningful impact. As a father and a figure who has experienced the nuances of life through his personal journey, including marriage, Okonkwo brings a wealth of experience to his endeavors.

His mastery of the dramatic arts may have defined his early career, but it is his current pursuit of justice and societal improvement that defines his legacy.

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