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YES! I was once an addict to masturbation, infact, I almost obtained my degree certificate in it





It started from my secondary school days, when I involved myself in a boyfriend and girlfriend relationship, My boyfriend then was matured than me and I was easily exposed to most things except sex… Maybe if I didn’t met him, I would not have been a victim..

Even we didn’t had sex, I fell into the trap of masturbation even without watching porn.. Nobody taught me how to masturbate, infact, nobody told me what I do is called masturbation before I know the Name..
(What a demonic Spirit).

Gradually! I started watching porn and I move from one grade to another…

After doing this in my secret place; I always find myself crying with bitterness of heart, I couldn’t share my pains with anyone, so I kept it a secret to myself.

This habit stunted my spiritual growth, I was struggling
with this act and at a point I got very frustrated because I was really struggling spiritually.I kept confessing sin every week, sometimes twice a week; guilt and condemnation overcame me.

I masturbate daily and I cried daily.. Whenever I’m touched with a message, I’m always genuinely broken, I promised God I would not do it anymore, but I couldn’t fufil my promise..

This weakened me, it reduced my strength that I couldn’t pray anymore… Even though I wish to share this with someone, but I’m always scared and shy!

What if they know? They will make jest of me, they will see me as a sinner! This is always my thoughts.

After 8years of hiding my pains; I decided to open up to a man of God! I stopped nursing this secret, and that’s where my victory started..

Overcoming this addiction is never an easy or straightforward process. It requires conscious work, effort and time….

Here are however some steps that helped me beat my addiction..

1.  I Acknowledge my addiction and Admit I can beat it, I believe my addiction does not defines me..Yes, I have an addiction, my actions are sinful. But those things are not who I am.

2. I Take Responsibility;
When I started struggling with this, i blame others for the cause of my addiction, but during the process of freedom, I stopped blaming others.. It hurt, it is hard. But nothing about this process is easy.

I stop making excuses, I stop blaming other people or circumstances, and stop justifying my actions..

Instead, I acknowledge personal responsibility for the decisions and actions that led me to it. I know what happened in the past can no longer be changed. Also, I take a moment to forgive yourself for indulging in this addiction.

3: I went back to God!
I went back to him on my knees! I surrender my life totally to him to help me! I tarried in his presence! I ask for Mercy, I confess my sins to him…. If he don’t help me, where else can I go? Nowhere!

4. I Gain Knowledge and Support!
The more knowledge I have about my addiction, the greater sense of control I have over this behavior. I gathered knowledge from books, articles, videos,etc. I Read and watch everything I can on the topic. The more i know, the more you i understand how to overcome them.

Also, I Seek out people who are working through this addiction or who have successfully overcome it.

5. I Generate a New Behavior:
Reshaping my belief systems is never an easy or straightforward process. It takes work and effort… I dealt with my source of temptation such as lustful thought, pornographic pictures etc.

6: I Take Gradual Steps:

Overcoming an addiction isn’t something I do in a day, week or even a month. It’s something that i work on over time. Old habits/addictions fade, but they never truly go away, which is why I was vigilant at all times to stay the course.

You see, masturbation is like a tree with roots. Unless the roots are removed, it will continue to release poisons that damage you.The longer you allow the roots to remain in
you, the deeper the damages it will cause..

Hmm, while enjoying my freedom from masturbation, I make mistake again and fall; BUT I DON’T ALLOW THAT FALL TO HOLD ME DOWN, I QUICKLY RUN BACK TO GOD IN REPENTANCE.

1John 2:1 says “My dear children, I amwriting this to you so that you will not sin. But if anyone does sin, we have an advocate who pleads our case before the Father. He is Jesus Christ, the one who is truly righteous.”

NOTE: Here is just a testimony of how someone overcame masturbation..


You are child of God. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. God’s love for you has not diminished or decreased. And it will not, because it isn’t dependent upon your behavior…

Stop feeling rejected! Work towards it and surrender your life to him!


Share your victorious testimonies with others! Each victory will help some others to win! Fight manfully onward! Look ever to Jesus, He will carry you through..

Thanks for reading through!
I pray that you will be blessed through this and you shall be free indeed..

See you next time!


Viral Gist

My dream has always been to marry a white man, Every woman wanted this white man but he chose me. am so excited




My dream has always been to marry a white man, Every woman wanted this white man but he chose me. am so excited,

Marrying a dark person has always been my worse fears. So many girls are crying & praying for this opportunity just to get what I have. Its not easy to have a white man as a husband, every girl’s dream right now is to be like me..

I Love my husband so much and I’ll always be by his side

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Viral Gist

If you are ready to be disown, just try to go pack your things, when you hear, leave my house now. Your mind go touch ground




So I see how children nowadays, will misbehave and when the parents touch them, they insult their parents and pack out.

I’m leaving, I’m leaving your house, it’s baffling and in always flabbergasted and I laugh. And the parents will start begging them to stay back, of looking for them.

Dem no born your papa well, I say, dem no born your papa, in those days, try am you go regret your life.

If you are ready to be disown, just try to go pack your things, when you hear, leave my house now. Your mind go touch ground

Who born you those days.

So one day, I was 18 or 19, if I’m not mistaken, I went out with my friends to their place to study. But I stayed till late at night, I think past 9 or to 10.

I was actually with a friend, a boy that was crushing on me. So I forgot myself and the time.

When I got home, when there was no phone to be enough for even adults then.

I came back late, the door and everywhere was already locked. Some of my siblings were already asleep, my dad.

He doesn’t sleep until everyone is complete in the house, I came back, I was sweating from anus.

When I realized what I’ll be getting into literally, I was just sneaking.

As I knocked at the door, I get headache already, because I know say, nobody go save me.

My father stand come open door, he was even welcoming and embracing me. Have you eaten? Are you sure you’re fine?.

Aah, na Jesus wan come likdis abi na me dey confuse my confusion likdis?. I said in my mind.

Na greetings and food that man ask me so, abi na my ear and brain dey pain me?.

In the morning, because if they allow your destructive punishment till morning, you will finish your own chores before it starts.

I finished everything, when it was time for food, that was when my father called me, I answered. I thought he wanted to send me on errand or something.

I smile dey go answer. Okay where are you coming from, abi where were you yesterday.

I said. Sir? I mean I went to study with my friends sir, for our exams waec.

He said to me. You don’t mean it, it’s alright, I’m coming. Because my father cannot slap you, if he does, you will see the other side of life.

He carry long cane, hold my hands, he finished the long cane on my bumbum and all my body. Oh God, I cried, I called Jesus.

For where, Jesus don comot hand for my matter that time, he say make nobody call am abeg.

When he finished destroying and giving me sense, he asked that I should go and pack my things and leave his house.

That I have started knowing me, as I was staying over in a man’s house, I will go and show him my boyfriend.

Which boyfriend, abi I wan die? I know boyfriend that time?.

Because of the beatings, I gather mind, go pack my things. I just carried my one ghana must go that time.

Na best traveling back be that, those days, most expensive sef. I carry, cry no gree me see road well, my father no talk, he just dey look me.

As I comot come, I just land one leg for one step, as I wan land for the other step. See slap from nowhere…waaaaam for my ear. A very serious brain resounding and resetting slap.

It grab all my face, jor and ears and neck, before I say, Jesus is lord and jack robbinson. Another one, waaaaaam.

So you’ve grown, you had the guts to go out with a boy in this life at this age, and in this house, your father punish you.

Said you should leave his house, instead of apologizing, you dare went in to take the clothes. That you didn’t buy even panties for yourself.

Now drop all the clothes I bought for you and your father did, panties and all, get out of the house.

My father said, are you joking with her?  She will meet me. He continue eating his food.

See beatings, dem ask you to pack out of the house and you were packing to leave. Leave to where? Which of my sister’s house or your uncle.

You dare not, you will sleep on the road and inside gutter, idiot. Unam ikot, etok mfem (cockroach).

Get out of here, leave my house now, you have grown, hair in your armpit has entered your brain.

Before she finished, my father came back. Beatings seriously. I asked you to leave my house, instead of to plead, you pack out.

You dare went inside and pack your things? Now get out, idiot.

My brothers and sisters, na me use my legs carry the Ghana must go bag, go out back inside. Correct beating with pleading.

If you see as I dey crawl back inside dragging my ghana must go for hand, I enter kitchen pack all the plates everybody used chop that morning.

I wash everything, I find work dem no send me, with tears, if my parents for take forgive me.

No food for me that day, for that singular insult. For even daring packing my things to go where sef first first.

I regret my life, I regret going out, I regret, daring to go pick.

All my mind, I fit say, my papa go shout me say, come back abeg, I was joking.

Who born you, I mean who raised you, to dare think, such miracle will happen, in those days?.

In our days, you dare not do anyhow, you do anyhow, you go see anyhow.

My people of God, since that day. If anybody misbehave and they beat you, and either my father or mother said, leave my house.

Na that time you go enter kitchen go find work wey dem no send you do, still dey beg dey kneel down beg.

I those days, home training was the best and we appreciate our parents of those days.

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Viral Gist





Nigerian comic pastor Odumeje sin on a video in London making a statement that he uses habit to check her to bring down the high rate of dollar to naira which has caused a lot of hardship in Nigeria since the beginning of 2024.

Odumeje who have gone to the United Kingdom to do a musical concert with his music Tag ABI to shaker has made it public to the world that he uses his power be to shake her to reduce the value of dollar making it easier for Nigerians to enjoy a new Nigeria.

He made his wife pressing himself in a video where he’s saying that he have not done anything yet that he have been on stay since 1996 and a since then have been doing wonders without blemish.

He added it up that he has not even started only a bit to shaker that he released dollar has start falling what not happens when you release other powers which is yet un touched? The video can be watched on the link below

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