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You didn’t marry Regina Daniel as a virgin she has a child before your marriage with her -FAI THE PUBLICIST tells Ned Nwoke

After few days of NED NWOKE they 77 years old husband of  a Nigerian nollywood actor known as Regina Daniel  came online to tell the public that he cannot marry a lady who is not a virgin,  that he married Regina Daniel because region he was the one that disVirgin and deflowered Regina Daniel.

Following that post a Facebook page popularly known as FAI THE  PUBLICIST has took to his Facebook page to bring out documentaries of the Nigerian nollywood beautiful actor Regina Daniel with a daughter whom she told the public that is her daughter and also promise to post more pictures of the beautiful girl.

The post read as quoted below

“Unveiling Regina Daniels sëcrét child not with the 77yrs Oldman

While browsing through Regina Daniels’ profile this morning, I came across a post that caught my attention. In the post, she mentioned having a daughter before marrying her 77-year-old husband.

She even asked her followers to like the picture if they wanted to see more of her and her baby wearing bikinis.

This particular post was from September 2019, and the baby appeared to be quite grown, possibly around 8 years old. This raises questions about the previously believed narrative that Regina Daniels was only 19 years old when she married her 77yrs older husband. Interestingly, there haven’t been any recent posts featuring her daughter.”

The page goes further to backup the post with a picture of Regina Daniel and the the little daughter