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17 years old virgin Endurance proves to the world that you can make it provided the determined to make it

Just like many of you ,17 years old Virgin Endurance  completed school, deposited documents in many offices to be employed but got no call later, her documents were surely used to sell soya somewhere but guess what ?

She didn’t give up , she followed her passion , many still told her dancers don’t get paid and even if they are paid the money is small . She didn’t listen .

She decided to build her audience and push herself by staying consistent with dance videos and guess what ? She makes nothing less than 10 million in a month . 

You see that thing you know how to do and you are ashamed to show it like that cus you need a white collar job ? That might be a gift that will change your life . 

What ever you do , please build an audience , show the world and watch how people who love it will come your way . 

Be like Endurance , you can make a living from what you love doing .  It’s a new week , go out there and hustle ,  may God bless you