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A Plumber In Choma District Is Caught Having S£x With His Employer’s Wife

Residents along Kalongo road in Choma District were on Sunday treated to a rare spectacle when a 35-year-old plumber was caught getting intimate with his friend’s wife at the latter’s kitchen.

Alfred Kamanga, a father of three, left his home to repair pipe fittings at Julius Kapwepwe’s home but instead, he ended up ‘repairing’ his friend’s wife’s cookie jar.

According to neighbours privy to the incident, Kamanga had been paid to repair a broken kitchen pipe and it was not the first time the plumber was leveraging his skills at the home.

“Julius had already informed us that plumber Kamwanga will be in his compound where he will be conducting repairs in his kitchen. He requested that we should help him in case he needed additional manpower and promised to compensate us after returning from his errands,” a young man who libe close said.

One of the neighbours identified as Stella said that what caught her attention was screams from Julius’s house moments later.
Accompanied by other neighbours, Stella rushed towards the house following the distress call.

They all thought that an accident had occurred while the plumber was fixing the pipes and the woman looked on.

The good neighbours were, however, shocked after they found out that the two were in the middle of a dirty activity but got stuck before hitting the ninth cloud.

“Screams were coming from the kitchen. The kitchen was closed but we broke the door. It was startling to find such a respected man having an illicit relationship with his friend’s lover,” Stella said.

She pointed out that Julius could not hold his anger nor even painful tears when he was informed of the shameful incident.

After arriving at his compound, Julius Kapwepwe called more neighbours with the aim of shaming the duo,it worked.The neighbours filled the compound to capacity.While others walked away in disgust,some started recording videos and taking pictures which were circulated online and even made headlines in the local stations.

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