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AFRIMEK releases public statement over Femi Adebayo’s controversy with Bobrisky




The Association of Yoruba African Men Entertainment Kings popularly known as AFRIMEK has released a public statement on the controversy surrounding Femi Adebayo

In a public statement by the PRO, Adeniyi Johnson, the association defended Femi Adebayo, who is their Mayor, noting how the actor is a man of integrity, class, and honor, who stands and upholds all positive values and etiquette of normal human beings.

The association stated that the Mayor was only called upon to announce the winner for Best Dressed at the event and wasn’t part of the selection team. AFRIMEK reminded the public that it is the entertainment world where creativity comes and business strategies are generated, the anticipated buzz is gotten as expected

AFRIMEK noted how Femi Adebayo would have never been a part of it because of his religious beliefs, especially during the holy month.


Viral Gist

A sister who lays on the chest of a religious daddy should know that the conscience of her daddy and the nature of her daddy are two opposite realities



Nature Has No Conscience.

A hungry lion doesn’t consider the newly born babies of a  deer before devouring their mother… The lion’s nature is higher than its conscience.

A snake  doesn’t consider who saved it from a pit before it bites a person. Nature has no conscience.

When people you trust hurt you, calm down and know that it is a battle of nature versus conscience. Unfortunately, nature supercedes conscience.

A sister who lays on the chest of a religious daddy should know that the conscience of her daddy and the nature of her daddy are two opposite realities.

A man who allows his wife to play wife roles to a religious papa should know that the nature of a man is stronger than his conscience. The religious papa will chow her and blame the ‘devil’.

A snake bites anything because it is its nature to bite.

A lion doesn’t care if a deer just gave birth  before chowing down the baby.

May a day not come when you will discover that you trusted the conscience of a person without logically considering the nature of the person.

Check patterns.. nature… Track records… Humans do not change. “Betrayal is common for men with no conscience.” “Give me the liberty to know, to utter, and to argue freely according to conscience, above all liberties.” “Conscience is the inner voice that warns us somebody may be looking.” “The infliction of cruelty with a good conscience is a delight to moralists.

It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.


Do you agree or disagree with this…….?

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My Friend Has Learnt Her Lesson In A Hardway And Has Realised  The Cost of Taking Love for Granted



I once had a friend, she was the type that likes violence right from school days, she literally began to fall out of love with her boyfriend. The guy that loves her so much, if gentility, calmness, humility and niceness was a name.

My friend will deliberately disrespect him, cheat on him right in his very before. Sometimes will go out with another man, to a lounge the boyfriend will be with his clients. So he can provoke him and see, if he will get angry or embarrassed her. Or lay hands on her at home, sometimes will pretend to cheat on him, do things to make him feel agitated. But the guy will never react, rather keep loving her more, he will ask if there’s anything he’s not doing right.

We keep telling her she’ll regret it one day, she said she can’t deal with such a man, because  she was raised that way apparently, her father told her that. A man who doesn’t hit her when she misbehave isn’t a real man, and doesn’t really love her.

The day the guy proposed to her in his house, when he got his second car. She bluntly and vehemently refused, she refused to accept his proposal, called him a weak man and can’t be man enough for her.

She left the guy so heartbroken, because he loved her so much. With everything she will do, the guy could even barely raise his voice on her, I should say, he was every woman’s dreams.

The guy was so heartbroken and hurt for months, she immediately started going out with someone. The first day she tried same thing with the new guy, what she’s been doing over and over with her ex. She got a very hot slap, she fell in love with him, unknown to her that she was in big time. She didn’t know what she was getting into. Technically she thought she’s gotten what she’s always wanted to prove a point, to be a man. Not knowing she was basically digging her grave.

Little did she know she was into hot soup, the guy was a chronic and thorough woman beater, he doesn’t drink nor smoke. That even when a woman blinks at him, he will hit her. We were always visiting her at the hospital, the other time the guy crippled her, told her he will take her to the hospital if she won’t die as usual.

There she was looking for help, she regret ever leaving a good man, when the guy beat her so much, that he was using a big stick to hit her. According to her, when we visited her at the hospital, mind you, she’s always with bruises, we knew she was in.

We never felt pity for her, myself literally didn’t feel nothing for her, because she missed a wonderful man. The day he beat her bloody, blood gushing out of her mouth, she called us, we rushed down, the guy left her almost lifeless.

She was on bed for months, when she started recovering, after aborting many times for the guy. She started looking for her ex, apologizing for him to take her back. We didn’t know that, one of our friend was madly crushing on the guy, he’s cute, very comfortable financially, and very calm and quiet. Adesua was secretly madly in love with him.

When she realized and went back, the guy was already in love with adesua one of our friend, infact we literally encourage the girl to go for him. She was helping him heal from the heartbreak, they were setting plans for their wedding and we were happy.

She regret it for a very long time, and keep thanking God for saving her life at least.

Why did I tell you this.

We don’t know and appreciate what we have until we lose it, we don’t know  how lucky at times we are. For the kind of partners we may have, but our ignorance won’t let us see it.

Sometimes we can never have the exact same thing we lost, sometimes it could be near but can’t be the same.

I won’t wanna jeopardize a happy moment I do have with one person that gives me joy, to live my life in regret.

We should always learn to appreciate what we have now, because a bird in hand is much more than ten in the bush. You don’t know what’s outside, quit looking outside because there’s nothing there.

I am Mirach Amba

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I remember the day mama came to visit my aunt along with the picture of her son, Harrison, who resided in overseas. She said he had asked her to get him a wife from the village. I was delighted when she mentioned my name.




I’m still grateful to God for a failed marriage.

Who knows?, I may have been battling with frustration by now.

I remember the day mama came to visit my aunt along with the picture of her son, Harrison, who resided in overseas. She said he had asked her to get him a wife from the village.

I was delighted when she mentioned my name. The guy was handsome, tall, huge and to crown it all, he has money!. What more could a woman pray for in a man?

“Hannah would make a good wife for my son… she is hardworking, educated and most importantly, beautiful. My son loves beautiful women oo”. She had said.

On my way  to work the next morning, I dropped by a studio to take a picture of me. I made sure it was a perfect shot.

The picture was  forwarded to Harry that evening.

Mama came to the house the next morning to announce that Harry loved what he saw.

I was happy. One of my dreams was about coming to reality. I think oversea will favor my carreer. I heard there are better opportunities for nurses out there.

He sent money through his younger brother, Gideon who resided in town and my marriage rite was performed without delay.

Gideon stood in for him.

My papers were delayed after Harrison called that he would be coming back soon.

According to him, he needed to see his mom, spend some time with me in Nigeria and we would fly back together.

The arrangements was okay by me, at least, I won’t be bored in my first  flight.

I moved in with Gideon in town and was helping out in the family business.

I waited patiently for Harrison but he always come up with excuses.

Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, then year.

I was getting impatient but Gideon would always be there with comforting words.

He finally came back two years after with a heartbreaking news. That I’m not his spec

“She is a beautiful girl, no doubt, but I love my women dark and plumpy’. He had confessed.

It was then that it dawned on me that I have been used. Gideon had once told me how mama had been the one pressuring Harrison to get married.

He must had agreed to marrying me so the old woman would let him have peace.
No wonder he kept me waiting.

What kind of a man was he?, hurting one woman to impress another, playing with someone’s feeling.

He made it clear that the only reason he came back was to start his marriage preparation  to the one he cherished, who was also staying overseas.

He later apologized to me for the inconveniences caused and offered me a huge amount of money.

Yes, I was hurt, I wasted two years of my life waiting for a man who was busy playing games with his family, but I was not going to lose both sides. I took the money and moved on with my life. My aunt was there to comfort me.

From the money, I was able to better my life and that of my father’s family.

I remarried a year later to a man who adored the ground I walked on. He is my best friend and I still wondered what my life could have been had I not met him.

I still thank God the first marriage failed…it was never meant to be.

Happy 10th anniversary to us.

The end

Based on true life story from Joy Ifunanya’s story room.

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