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Drama In Harare As Thieves Go Blind, Fail To Trace Their Way Out After Stealing

A bizarre incident unfolded in Madokero estate near Bluffhill along  Exodus Makumbe road  last week when a gang of five armed robbers were caught stuck in a house which was their crime scene and what they narrated left the angry mob shocked and glad at the same time since the area had become a hustle ground of thieves since a night couldn’t pass without anyone complaining of being robbed.

According to the residents, the thieves have taken their job to higher professionalism standards since the operated with real guns loaded with bullets which they never hesitate to fire at you whenever you try to challenge them.

The matter had been reported to the nearest police station several times and the statement file was full of cases of people complaining of robbery. Women operating grocery stores would be robbed on a daily basis in the morning on their way to the market.

Many residents suspected that it was an inside job since police never bothered to get on top of the situation. This alarmed Mrs Melisa Chikazhe who is a rich woman owning a huge 8-bedroom mansionate with some collection of expensive cars.

She anticipated that one day thieves will try and break into her house and had to seek for the powerful spells of Dr Mawanda of Zambia  reputable powerful native doctor from Chiengi District in Luapula who casted Unique Powerful Protection Spells that would ensure more than security in her compound.

Thieves had been planning for long and they couldn’t think twice when they had that Mrs Melisa Chikazhe had gone on a vacation days after firing her security guards and was waiting for right candidates to replace them.

They organized their gang and budged into the house with a huge Pick-up waiting for them outside to carry what they would reap that night. They collected everything they were interested in including electronics and money safes that were in the house. When they decided to leave they were baffled to find that there was no door despite them using a door to enter the house.

They walked for hours in the house shocked looking for an escape route but they couldn’t see any window or balcony either. They spent the whole night there and further two days in the house but couldn’t notice when it was daytime and all they would see is the night being too long.

Melisa Chikazhe came back and having known what was happening in her house through CCTV footages that were kinked direct to her phone, passed by the police station and came with police officers and shouted to the whole neighborhood that she had caught thieves.

A group of angry mob escorted her to the house and couldn’t believe to see a gang of five men sweating and mammerimg since with their guns down begging for Chikazhe to spare their lives. Their eyes were not seeing totally and their family had to pay a hefty fine of $ 950 each of them for Dr Mawanda to reverse his Powerful Spells after which the mob intervened and gave them a thorough beating before the police took them to the station to be charged with robbery.

Dr Mawanda’s Powerful Spells sent warning to all thieves since he opted to help whoever was insecure of being robbed. If you want to recover lost items or protect your items from loss Contact Dr Mawanda via +260779652913 and he will offer instant help.

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