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How did the British royal family become”royal”?
And we are royal guard

Their first traceable ancestor was a Viking named Rollo inwhat’s now Normandy, France. He was granted lands by theFrench King to prevent him from raiding France and todefend against other Viking raids.

In 1066, Rollo’s great-great-grandson, Duke William ofNormandy, sailed across the English Channel from Franceto England with an army of knights.

He fought and defeatedKing Harold, then crowned himself the king of England andbecame known to history as William the Conqueror. Hebecame the first English king from the line that still reignstoday, which continues on down to King Charles.

After hisconquest, William took all the land and rented it out to hisfriends, who then subleased it to others. So basically, to beroyal, win a war, kill your enemies, declare your “kingdom,”make up rules, and kill anyone who disagrees.