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Viral Gist

How This Married Man Deceived Me to Marry Him, Today I’m Suffering

Today, I bring to light the story of a young woman, an orphan, who was deceived and exploited by a married man who promised her the world but delivered only pain.

Two years ago, after losing her mother, our protagonist had to drop out of school due to financial constraints. With no support from her uncles, she decided to start a small food business. It was here that she met Damian, a married man who frequently bought food from her. They became close, and she confided in him about her struggles and dreams of completing her education.

Despite knowing Damian was married, she began an affair with him, driven by the promise of financial support and a better future. Damian took care of her, renting and furnishing an apartment, buying her expensive clothes, the latest iPhone, and showering her with gifts. She became one of the “big girls” on campus, ignoring young, single men and dating only wealthy individuals. However, none treated her as well as Damian, and she fell in love with him.

After completing her education, Damian proposed to her, asking her to be his second wife. Initially, she refused, hoping he would divorce his wife as he had once claimed to love her more. Eventually, he convinced her to undergo a traditional marriage ceremony, promising to initiate divorce proceedings that would take only a few months. She was pregnant at the time and moved to live with his mother in the village.

Almost two years later, with another child on the way, the divorce papers are still not ready. Damian has continued to string her along with excuses, refusing to let her move in with him. When she attempted to visit his home, she was thrown out by his wife and sister-in-law. Damian has since ignored her pleas for settlement and compensation.

This young woman, now at her wit’s end, is reaching out to expose Damian for his deceit and selfishness. She wants the world to know how he tricked her into a false marriage, exploited her vulnerability, and abandoned her and their child. All she seeks now is justice and a chance to move on with her life.

To Damian, if you ever read this, know that your actions have caused immense pain and suffering. It’s time to take responsibility and provide the compensation she deserves so she can rebuild her life.