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Viral Gist

It’s been 10years of marriage and I have been TTC for 9years

I and my husband have done so much test and visited many hospitals. We have tried IVF and the rest of them yet no positive result.

I wet my pillow daily. God bless my husband for me,his love and patience.

My mother took me to all manner of churches yet no way.

One day, my husband just told me, let’s ignore and just focus on God in our own way and let it be. I said no problem, I felt bad but I kind of felt relieved.

I was walking on the street. A popular mad woman here in Ibadan, stopped me and said. Aunty, pray very well o, the person holding your baby is very close to you. She just walked out on me. I searched for her for weeks, I never found her.

I told my pastor and we began to focus on my foundation and I missed my period for the first.  We were so happy.. I tried my mother’s number, it didn’t go through. I said let me go to meet her at home, no way.

Soon, I got a call that my mother slumped in the market. I should meet them at a hospital, I got there and met my mother crying and asking for forgiveness.

I kept asking her what the matter was…My very own mother said she was behind my barrenness.. She said for her to live long, I must not have a child. I couldn’t share the news again.

I told her I had forgiven her but didn’t let her know I was pregnant but something mysterious happened.

On the day, I gave birth to my child, my mother died.

According to my husband and friend, I was in the pushing when the call came in that my mum died.

I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. I have been speechless till today.