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Katanga gets Conditional K100,000 bail, asked to surrender passport




FORMER Deputy Inspector General of Police Charity Katanga has been granted K100, 000 bail pending determination of her appeal in the High Court.

As part of the bail conditions, Lusaka chief resident magistrate Davies Chibwili asked Katanga to provide two sureties each bound to K500, 000, in their own recognisance.

Last Monday, February 19, magistrate Chibwili convicted and sentenced Katanga to three years simple imprisonment for possession of 10 High Buses worth K26million, deemed to be proceeds of crime.

The convict immediately filed a notice of intention to appeal against the verdict. She also applied for bail pending determination of the appeal.

In her bail application, she submitted that her appeal has high prospects of success in the High Court.

Katanga submitted that if bail is not granted, she feared she may serve a substantial part of her sentence because it may take long for her appeal to be concluded.

But the State opposed the application for bail, arguing that prospects of her appeal succeeding were dim.

But in his ruling on bail application, Mr Chibwili said it was important that Katanga be granted bail, so that she can exercise her constitutional right no matter how hopeless he may think of the appeal’s success prospects.

He noted that from the examination of those documents and the grounds of appeal “and what I have seen as evidence in the record” it is very difficult for him to say that there are prospects of the Katanga’s appeal succeeding.

“I may say so because having considered the evidence as a whole, I felt confident that it was safe to convict her on that evidence. The High Court, however, may see the same evidence and come to a different conclusion”.

He said in the interest of justice and after giving Katanga a benefit of a doubt, the accused woulf be granted bail.

The magistrate also ordered her to surrender her passport.

After hearing, Katanga was taken back to the detention and would only be set free after meeting the bail conditions.



7 Actions That Could Make You a Millionaire If You Do Them – Reno Omokri




Register a company, even if you don’t have something to do with it at the moment. Most corporate deals go to companies, not individuals.

Invest in learning how to write business plans, so you can get loans, because you don’t necessarily want to invest with your own money. Dangote did not build his refinery with his own money. He borrowed. Borrowing is the lifeblood of business. Understand how to carry out feasibility studies, dollar cost averaging, and other business related tasks.

When profit comes, convert it from money to assets. All monies, whether Dollars, Pounds, Naira, Cedi, or Shillings, are by their very nature designed to lose value over time. It is called inflation. That makes them liabilities. Invest in what rises in value over time. Invest in assets.

When putting your money in assets, have a mixed portfolio of conservative and risky investments. Never put all your profits in risky assets alone.

Banks exist to suck money from people who don’t have business ideas, and give it to those who do. When you don’t know what to do with money, you save it. When you know what to do with money, you borrow from banks to invest in a business. Instead of saving, learn how to invest your money yourself.

Money is never static. It is either growing or shrinking. When you don’t know what to do with your money, inflation will make the decision for you by making your money shrink. Only by investing can you protect your money from inflation. If not, kiss it goodbye,

If you do not know what to do with your money, invest it in the VOO and VFIAX. Both products are some of the safest yet most profitable investments on Earth.

For more wealth building wisdom, subscribe to me on X. My assurance is that you cannot subscribe to me on X and not make money!

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FOUR people who impersonated Police Officers and attempted to defraud a man of his Mineral Purity Testing Machine by giving him counterfeit US$800 and K23,100, have been arrested in Lusaka.

This occurred on 11th April, 2024 when Officers from Westwood Police Station, acting on a report received through the Villa Lucia Police Post, successfully thwarted an attempted swindling incident around 15:00 hours, at the Westwood Checkpoint along Mumbwa Road.

Investigations reveal that Andrew Zulu, a 25-year-old resident of Mpika District in Muchinga Province, had advertised his Machine online, attracting the attention of five individuals who expressed interest in purchasing the equipment.

Police Public Relations Officer, Rae Hamoonga, notes that subsequently, Zulu he travelled to Lusaka on 9th April 9 to meet with the purported buyers who he eventually met at Novera Shopping Mall opposite Heroes Stadium.

According to Zulu, he was approached by four individuals posing as Police Officers, driving a grey Toyota Axio with registration number CAA 790.

Hamoonga narrates that during the meeting, the suspects presented the counterfeit currency as payment for the machine, but sensing foul play, Zulu refused the transaction.

In an effort to evade capture, the suspects attempted to flee with Zulu in the vehicle but he managed to alert nearby Officers at the Westwood Police Checkpoint, prompting swift action from law enforcement.

The four suspects apprehended have been identified as Martin Mulonda, aged 53, of Lusaka West, Felix Kasanga, 42, of Kanyama, Martin Kabwe, 36, also of Kanyama and Moses Lugena, 32, of Bauleni Compound.

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SOME traders at Mazabuka’s Plan 2000 market have expressed concern over a damaged Hand-pump that services the facility.

Florence Ngala tells a Zambian News agency that the Hand-pump has been out of use for over 6 months, causing difficulties for marketeers to access water.

Ngala notes that the Hand-pump served as the primary water source for most residents around the area, including marketeers, hence the need to work on.

Another trader, Pricar Malambo, says currently, many people who depend on the said hand-pump have turned to drawing water from Wells, which may pose a health risk.

Meaan, Plan 2000 Market Committee member, Bliston Chilala, says the Local Authority has made a Water-tank available to the facility, accessible at a fee.

Chilala has encouraged residents and Marketeers to consider using the Council’s water source as it would help generate funds to restore the Hand-pump.

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