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Livingstone Supermarket’s Meat Supplier Nabbed With Stolen Cattle Meat

A super market meat supplier operating a chain of supplying meat to super market was on Tuesday netted while stealing cattle.

The 49-year old man and his accomplices are said to have been colluding with supermarket managers to supply meat in their supermarkets.

According to an eyewitness, the man has a chain of meat eateries along the famous Lusaka Livingstone  highway where revellers are known to frequent mouth watering grilled meat.

On the other side, the owner of the cattle says that he has severally reported theft cases of his cattle to authorities but all fell in deaf ears.

“We have instances where when the thieves steal the cattle they go ahead and slaughter them in the ranch and they are ferried to different eateries without approval of veterinary authorities.” He said.

He said that after his efforts of reporting to authorities hit rock bottom he sought services of a super native traditional herbalist Dr Mawanda whom is touted for his prowess to arrest thieves.

He said that he received information from his neighbours that Papa Mawanda had the powers to salvage property from theft.

“We have been puzzled by the raising cases of theft. I opted to seek Papa Mawanda’s services since my neighbours confessed evidently.

The owner of the cattle said that after a day the thieves who had stolen his cattle, slaughtered them in the bush and took the meat to supermarkets resorted to finding him after Dr Mawanda  unleashed a word spell against them.

“The thieves came to my home and confessed to have been stealing my cattle. They have since asked for forgiveness.” He said.

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