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1. A woman can never love two men at the same time. It is always one. If you are not, you are not. There are no two ways around. That is why you usually see two women fighting for one man they love.

A woman who loves you, smells everything that touches you including your clothes.

2. The sexual desire in women is usually more than that of a man. Don’t think it’s only men that desired sex more than women. Women desired sex more than us only that it’s in their nature to wait for us to ask for it. That is because women don’t want to face rejection, embarrassment and insult no matter what they always want until someone saves them and take the blame.

3. Women don’t keep secrets to someone they love no matter what you tell them. No matter what she says, wait till she meets someone she loves in bed, somebody who knows them more than you, somebody who knows what she’s capable of doing, somebody who knows that she wouldn’t hide anything from him; that’s the person she will tell.

And, again, shyness and tears are not a valid effects to determine if she’s a good woman, because a woman can fake it like a boss. They are capable of doing that.

When you cheat on her and she doesn’t hate you, she hates that woman you cheated with. Ladies I’m sorry for exposing our secret.