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1) Avoid a broke woman who depends on you for money  and spend it  unnecessarily , She’s a financial vampire and parasite, she will ruin you and date another man

2) Avoid an arrogant woman who doesn’t takes instructions, corrections and direction from you. But love so much fake life , that always  pressure you to buy any latest expensive trending materials , as a STRUGGLING YOUNG SINGLE MAN you can’t go far with such woman

3) Avoid an agree woman who’s always quarreling and fighting with you, who disrespect you and give you no peace.

4) Avoid a woman who’s surrounded by many men, who she calls her friends or bestie. Those men are your replacement waiting for your relationship to have problems and then they will move in and replace you.

5) Avoid a woman who doesn’t want to listen to your simple explanation but always want what she need from you and doesn’t care how you will go about risking your life to get it for her.

6) Avoid woman, that’s without handwork and she’s not ready to learn any, the economic is not favorable, you may not have money always as a husband or boyfriend , most  men you see out there, their wife is their backbone financially, having a good plan together with your wife is the secret of most men success.

7 ) Avoid high demanding woman, you can never get or achieve ur dreams with such woman, as a STRUGGLING YOUNG SINGLE MAN.

8) Avoid woman who doesn’t appreciate your little efforts to make her okay,  such woman doesn’t think of the past sacrifices, if she sees any boy that is doing more better than you she will  leave you.

Men, always be guided…