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My wife was in a relationship for five years with a gentleman, nice guy, a Christian – PST Kingsley Okonkwo

“My wife had a very interesting story. My wife was in a relationship for five years with a gentleman, nice guy, a Christian.

It’s not about marrying an Unbeliever, I will get to that point, the person can even be in the same Church with you but God is saying, ‘this is not My best’. There is a good, an acceptable and perfect Will of God, so they are in three categories. If you want to marry a good Christian that is good, it is acceptable but it might not be the perfect plan that God has. How many of you are getting what I am saying?

She was in a relationship for five years with another Christian.

The guy was a medical doctor, better and doing well. He just traveled to the UK to go and do his Masters. But you see all the while she was there she knew she wasn’t very happy, it was okay. Listen to me, when you are a child of God okay should not be okay with you. Okay is not God’s Will for you. She was okay, he was not a bad guy, good Christian guy. You know what happened?

One day God told her that, ‘call him, ask him that if I want you to do ministry, will he be okay with it?

Oh, my wife thought that was an easy question. He would agree. My wife picked her phone and called him, five years, they have done introduction, and asked him, ‘If God wants me to do ministry, will you be okay with it? He said, ‘never’. He said that is not what I want, I didn’t marry a Pastor. She was shocked because in her mind that was nothing.

God said, ‘the man you are with is not your husband ‘. God showed her by Scripture and that Scripture was that woman by the well. She was shocked and the relationship began to dwindle from that point until they finally broke up.

Now, when they broke up, she was saying that Lord the way You showed me through Scripture who I should not marry show me who I should marry.

By that time I was already in the picture. God showed her again first Samuel 16 or so, God said,’ the one you are supposed to marry, he is the last born, talking about David in the Bible and he is keeping sheep and God asked her, what position is Kingsley, that is me in his family? I am the last born in my family. And He said, ‘what do Pastors do? She said they are Shepherds, they keep sheep. God said, ‘ arise and anoint him for he is the one’, all in Scripture.

Are you getting what I am saying, somebody? So don’t just go by yourself, be led of God.

I know it’s not common in the younger generation but you are going to suffer it if you don’t follow God because God always has a better plan.

For as many of you singles that I trusting God for a life partner in marriage, I join my faith with yours and pray that the Almighty reveal to you who it is that you would spend the rest of your life with in Jesus name. You shall not miss it in marriage in Jesus name.