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Companies Giving Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Fiji for Foreigners 2024

Many people from other countries want to work in places that pay well. These jobs often need a visa sponsorship. In Fiji, workers can earn over $2,000 each month. This is much more than what workers earn in many Asian and African countries. Because of this, many companies want to hire these workers.

Do you want to know which companies can sponsor your visa for Fiji? You don’t need to search anymore.

Here is a guide to help you find companies that sponsor visas for foreigners in Fiji.

Fiji Visa Sponsorship Overview

Many people travel to Fiji for work and to experience island life. You need to know about different visas to move to Fiji.

Types of Visas for Foreigners

  • Work Visas: You need this visa to work in Fiji. This includes visas for foreign investors, temporary workers, and skilled workers who help Fiji’s economy.
  • Business Visas: If you want to start a business in Fiji, this is the visa for you. It is for people who want to invest in the local market.
  • Investment Visas: For foreign investors with a lot of money to spend in Fiji. This visa helps with economic growth.
  • Family Visas: This visa helps to reunite families.

Do Companies in Fiji Sponsor Visas?

Yes, many companies in Fiji sponsor work visas for foreigners. To get a work visa in Fiji, you usually need a job offer from a company willing to sponsor your visa. The company must show they tried to hire Fijians or residents before hiring a foreign worker. Common sectors for visa sponsorship in Fiji include:

  • Information technology
  • Construction
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Agriculture

Job opportunities and visa requirements can change, so check with immigration advisors or job websites for the latest information.

Benefits of Visa Sponsorship in Fiji

Table of Benefits

Benefit Description
Legal Authorization Foreign workers with a visa can live and work in Fiji legally.
Job Variety Jobs in banking, tourism, hospitality, manufacturing, and agriculture are available.
Cultural Experience Workers can experience Fiji’s traditions, culture, and way of life.
Beautiful Nature Fiji has lovely beaches, clear waters, and tropical surroundings.
Work-Life Balance Flexible work hours, casual dress codes, and fun activities like hiking and water sports.
Travel Opportunities Easy access to nearby islands for travel and exploration.
Career Growth Many companies offer training, mentorship, and promotion opportunities.
Community Engagement Workers can join community projects and support the local economy.
Friendly Workplaces Companies provide supportive work environments and employee assistance programs.
Visa Help Companies often help with the visa application process and necessary documents.

Fiji Visa Sponsorship Requirements

  • Job Offer: You need a job offer from a company in Fiji that will sponsor your visa. The job offer should include the job details, pay, and benefits.
  • Skills and Qualifications: Companies usually require certain qualifications like degrees or job experience.
  • Work Permit Application: The employer must apply for a work permit for you. They need to provide the job offer, your qualifications, and proof of the company’s financial stability.
  • Labor Market Test (if needed): Companies may need to prove that no qualified local workers are available before hiring a foreign worker.
  • Follow Immigration Laws: Both you and the sponsoring company must follow Fiji’s immigration laws. This includes keeping your work permit valid and following visa rules.
  • Company Financial Stability: The sponsoring company must prove they can meet their financial obligations, including paying your salary.
  • Health Insurance and Medical Exam: You may need a medical exam and health insurance.

Other Requirements

  • Good Character and Conduct: Both you and the sponsoring company need to show good conduct, which may include police clearance certificates.
  • Supporting Documents: The company must provide any extra documents needed for the visa application.
  • Visa Processing Fees: The sponsoring company may need to pay fees for the visa process.

List of Companies Sponsoring Visas in Fiji in 2024

Top Companies

  1. Goodman Fielder Fiji
  2. Fiji Airways
  3. Pacific Cement Limited
  4. FNPF
  5. Punjas
  6. Fiji Sugar Corporation
  7. ANZ Bank
  8. Digicel Fiji
  9. Fiji Water
  10. Vodafone Fiji

Other Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship

  1. Fiji Development Bank
  2. Westpac Fiji Limited
  3. Fiji Ports Corporation Limited
  4. Coca-Cola Amatil (Fiji) Ltd
  5. Fiji Revenue & Customs Service
  6. The Fijian Government
  7. Fiji Television Limited
  8. Courts Fiji Limited
  9. Fiji Times Limited
  10. Fiji Water Authority

How to Apply for Job Visa Sponsorship in Fiji

  1. Search for Jobs: Look for jobs in Fiji that offer visa sponsorship.
  2. Check Job Requirements: Open each job listing to see what they require.
  3. Apply Online: Click the application link to go to the recruiter’s website.
  4. Submit Resume: Complete any additional requirements and submit your resume.


Foreigners who want to work in Fiji can get visa sponsorship from many companies. Fiji offers high pay and various job opportunities. As a foreign worker, check the job sections of big companies’ websites for open positions. You can also apply using links provided to learn about other sponsorship opportunities for foreign nationals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Permanent Residency in Fiji?

You can apply for citizenship in Fiji while visiting. If you have assets outside the country, you can apply for a Residence Permit on Assured Income. Check with the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority for more details.

Is It Easy to Find Work in Fiji?

Finding paid temporary or seasonal work in Fiji is hard for foreigners, but there are many volunteer opportunities. You can work on community, educational, and environmental projects.

Stay updated for the latest news on work permits, visa applications, and job opportunities with visa sponsorship in Fiji.