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How I Won A Tough Land Case

My parents were extremely rich as my father was an engineer. He was receiving hefty contracts that are worth millions of Money while my mother was a lecturer as she was earning handsomely.

We lived within the city in sunningdale in our own compound. We also had a 4 acre of land in Matero where my parents had planned an expansive building before their untimely demise in 2008.

However, immediately after their deaths, a powerful senior government official started taking advantage of my parent’s deaths by threatening us with the intention of grabbing our land in Matero. He reached to a point of fencing it with an indication of “Land For Sale”.

Since I was the first born and my other two siblings were too young to handle such a hectic case, I decided to stand my ground and fight for our land. I moved to court through my lawyer to thwart the land grabber’s intention of selling our land. The aforementioned government official started sending me death threats.

I remember there was a time he even engaged some unknown assailants who abducted me while on my way from the city and sandwiched me within their black tainted car. Luckily I was with my friend and he called the police to alert them over my abduction. Having sensed danger, they dropped me unhurt off the road.

The court case was being postponed every hearing session as the Chief Magistrate who was supposed to rule on our case didn’t come to preside over the case. Our land was being taken away.

A certain advocate called me for a chit chat and advised me to seek the assistance over my from Dr. Mawanda Shafiq since he had helped so many people in such cases. Without wasting any minute, I visited Dr Mawanda Shafiq’s offices and he attended to me.

The following day, the Chief Magistrate for the first time appeared for a ruling over land case. The magistrate ruled in favour of me and ordered the arrest of the aforementioned government official.

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