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Mongu:Drama As Two Village Pastors Are Caught Red-Handed With One Woman




A dramatic scene unfolded in Mongu’s central business district earlier this week when two village pastors were busted enjoying one woman in a hotel room along Kambule streets. The woman, identified as Towela Towa, was the wife of Benard Mlozi, a businessman from Sesheke Town.

According to Mlozi, he had been suspecting his wife of cheating on him for a long time, but he had no proof.

He said that their marriage was on the verge of collapse, and he was desperate to save it. He decided to seek help from a Wiseman herbalist Dr Mawanda, a group of traditional and herbalist healers who offer solutions for any manmade problems.

He narrated to Wiseman Mawanda how his wife had changed her behavior, and how she was always on the phone with unknown people. He said that she had lost interest in him, and that she was spending more money than usual. He pleaded with Specialist Mawanda to help him restore his marriage and love.

Dr Mawanda agreed to help him, and they prayed for him, blessed him using salt and water, and performed a marriage and love spell portion on him and his wife. They assured him that his wife would come back to him, and that their marriage would be stronger than ever. But they also gave him one condition: his wife must be taught a lesson that would remain in her heart.

They told him to wait for a few days, and he would see the results. They also gave him a tracking device that would show him the location of his wife at any time. On Wednesday, Mlozi checked the device, and he was shocked to see that his wife was in Mongu town within Kambule , at a hotel along the streets.

He decided to follow her, and he was accompanied by some journalists who had heard about his story. When they arrived at the hotel, they asked for the room number of his wife, and they stormed into it.

They were greeted by a shocking sight: his wife was in bed with two men, who turned out to be village pastors from different churches. The pastors were wearing their clerical collars, and they had Bibles on the bedside table.

The journalists captured the scene on camera, and they confronted the pastors and the woman. The pastors tried to deny their involvement, and they claimed that they were there to pray for the woman. The woman also tried to defend herself, and she said that she was not cheating on her husband, but she was seeking spiritual guidance.

But Mlozi was not convinced, and he accused them of adultery and hypocrisy. He said that they had betrayed him, his wife, and God. He said that he had trusted his wife, and he had respected the pastors, but they had taken advantage of him.

He said that he was glad that Doctor Mawanda had exposed them, and that he hoped that they would learn their lesson. He also thanked Doctor Mawanda for saving his marriage, and he said that he still loved his wife, and he was willing to forgive her.

He said that he hoped that his wife would also love him back, and that they would work on their issues. He said that he believed that Doctor Mawanda had given them a second chance, and that they would not waste it.

Doctor Mawanda are a group of traditional and herbalist healers who use their skills and knowledge to solve any problem. They have helped millions of people across Africa ,Asia , Europe and beyond, and they have a reputation for being strong,great, reliable, trustworthy, genuine and effective.

They can help with love, money, health, protection, revenge,good health and more. They can also cast spells, perform rituals, and make charms. They are available 24/7, and they can be reached through phone, email, or booking an appointment.

If you want to change your life for the better, do not hesitate to contact Doctor Mawanda today. They will listen to your needs, and they will provide you with the best solution. They guarantee 100% satisfaction, and they have a money-back policy if you are not happy with their services. They are the real deal, and they will not disappoint you.

Contact Doctor Mawanda on +260 767053936 or +26077652913 or visit their offices in Chiengi District in Luapula to learn more



Use Four Cubes Of Sugar And Six Flower Oil To Change Your life Attract Customers To Your Business




Have you ever felt unseen and invisible to customers or encountered unfulfilled promises, Business Failure, Hardship and Rejected? Fear not, for Sugar Cubes wield the power of attraction and fortune. Simply get four cubes of sugar, six flower oil and paper in the morning, make incantations here on this write up, and witness the transformation as people gravitate towards you. Bath with it with drops in your water and sprinkle outside your shop to draw in customers and abundance.

Materials Needed:
– Six flower oil
– Three cubes of sugar
– Sheet of paper

1. Place four cubes of sugar on a sheet of paper in a corner at the back of your house and leave for exactly 48 hours for ants to consume it. Ensure no disturbances during this period.
2. After 48 hours, carefully fold the paper, ensuring to include any remaining ants and sugar residue.
3. Grind or pound the folded paper along with the ants and sugar until thoroughly mixed.
4. Transfer the mixture into the bottle containing the Six flower oil or another suitable container. Ensure all components are fully incorporated.
5. Seal the bottle tightly and store it in a dark place for seven days. This allows time for the ingredients to meld and the energy to align.

Usage and Applications:
– After seven days, add three drops of the mixture to your bath water while reciting prayers for purification and positive energy infusion.
– Alternatively, apply a single drop onto your palm, rub your hands together, and then massage the mixture onto your head, focusing on absorbing the positive energy.

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Note: If the ants fail to consume the sugar within the specified time frame, discontinue the process and try again later. This ritual harnesses the power of natural elements to attract positive energy and dispel negativity, promoting harmony and abundance in various aspects of life.

Embrace the power of cloves and unlock a world of possibilities for health, prosperity, and spiritual protection. But wait, there’s more!

Prophet Victor offers a range of potent oils and talismans to enhance your journey:

– Do As I Say Oil: Command attention and influence outcomes with this powerful oil.

– Business Flourish Oil: Propel your business to new heights of success and prosperity.
– Attraction Oil: Draw love, luck, and abundance into your life with this potent elixir.

– Fortified Blue Eyes Bracelet: Ward off evil spirits and attract blessings with this protective talisman.

– Fortified Waist Bead: Enhance your sensuality and spiritual connection with this sacred adornment.

For inquiries and orders, contact Prophet Victor at 08148076597. WhatsApp inquiries are also welcome. Experience the transformative power of cloves and embark on a journey of healing and abundance today!

Additionally, Prophet Victor offers a promotion powder for workplace advancement at only 10,000 naira. Witness your career soar to new heights with this potent remedy. Don’t miss out on this opportunity for transformation and prosperity.

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Why Do You Fly In Dream? Hidden Secrets Of Flyin In Dream Exposed




Flying in dreams has long been associated with various meanings across cultures, but for the Ogbanje, it carries profound significance beyond mere symbolism. In Igbo cosmology, the Ogbanje are extraordinary beings, often misunderstood and marginalized, yet endowed with unique gifts and purposes that transcend the ordinary.

The act of flying in dreams for the Ogbanje is not just a fantastical experience but a means of spiritual warfare, a victory over unseen attackers in the spiritual realm. These attacks, orchestrated by secret societies and occult forces, seek to hinder the Ogbanje from fulfilling their destinies and sharing their divine messages with the world.

For the Ogbanje, flying serves as both an escape from harm and a mode of surveillance in the spiritual kingdom, where they monitor the activities of those who wish to harm them or impede their missions. This ability, bestowed upon them by the ancestors, is not a mere parlor trick but a powerful tool for navigating the intricacies of the spiritual world.

Contrary to misconceptions, the Ogbanje are not inherently evil; rather, they are bearers of ancient wisdom and agents of change. Some are healers, others messengers, and some even possess the gift of foresight, foretelling events yet to come. Their presence on Earth is not random but purposeful, as they strive to uplift their families, communities, and humanity as a whole.

However, the journey of the Ogbanje is not without its challenges. They often face persecution and rejection from society, particularly from those who dwell in the shadows of secrecy and darkness. These adversaries, threatened by the Ogbanje’s insight into their clandestine activities, seek to undermine and destroy them.

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Yet, despite the obstacles they face, the Ogbanje persevere, bound by a shared destiny and the understanding that unity among their kind is essential for survival. Ignoring their fellow Ogbanje and failing to seek peace with them only leads to personal turmoil and regret, underscoring the interconnectedness of their existence.

The flight of the Ogbanje in dreams is not merely a flight of fancy but a testament to their resilience, purpose, and spiritual prowess. As we seek to understand and embrace the mysteries of the unseen world, let us recognize the invaluable contributions of the Ogbanje and honor their sacred journey towards fulfillment and enlightenment.

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My brother was convicted and we didn’t agree with the court and so we decided to look for a healer. My brother had been accused of killing and convicted manslaughter. My brother was not not guilty but he was assumed to be linked to the death.

The true killer had used oders from above  dubious means to delink himself and that is where we drew the line to find justice our own way.

A long time business man and old classmate offered to help and we waked with him the journey to MAWANDA. Doctor Mawanda  assured us his complete assistance in our search for justice.
He gave us a charm and asked us to ask the court to review the case. We got an interested lawyer from a law firm in Arusha  and the journey to justice began.
I must confess today that the court session took only one hour to unearth the true killer and my brother was freed with a compensation that he has since used to resume to his normal life.
Thank you doctor Mawanda, you served us seven stars.

Since a very long time ago, it has become quite obvious to everyone that a large number of young, destitute men and women are incarcerated without good cause, others are given death sentences for crimes they didn’t do, and some end up committing suicide because they have lost all hope for a future. Get a very powerful Justice spell from Dr. Mawanda, which has been in use for more than centuries now  and has assisted a lot of people in a variety of controversies. The spell is absolutely free and harmless because it is intended to bring about justice in all ways, so contact the doctor right now.

Make an effort to end your court cases by the doctor.
I was so stressed for I could not sustain my family and pay rent and tuition fees. I had borrowed from banks, friends and mobile loan lending apps that left me to the verge of bankruptcy.
A friend then told me about DR Mawanda, a traditional herbalist. I called him and even without having to physically meet, he changed my life. Thanks to DR MAWANDA.

I am taking this opportunity to tell anyone having similar problems visit Dr. MAWANDA  your problems shall be solved. You can also sms whatsapp or  call DR MAWANDA +260779652913
Or +260767053936 at and have all your problems solved.

The traditional doctor says his spell casting powers work within 12 hours, and usually within the same day they are released.

Dr. Mawanda handles general problems ranging from winning court cases, winning the lottery, protection of family and property, land problems, interview cases,herbs to stop smoking/ alcoholism,control cheater lovers and dark sicknesses.

Contact herbalist Dr. Mawanda, he heals blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers, low sexual desire, prostate disorders, infertility, syphilis, TB, and manhood weakness in addition to other ailments.
The traditional doctor also solves life’s challenges such as love issues, family problems, hardships in business, increases your luck, that is, winning lottery games and court cases, promotions at work and clears away devilish spirits and  bad dreams.

Take note that Mawanda Herbal Specialists exercises doctor-convalescent discretion neither patient’s portfolio, account (s), name nor private affairs will be split to a minor party or organization or made communal except if not patient/s on their own autonomy desires to give attestation.

Contact Dr Mawanda and your problems shall be solved. You can also call Dr Mawanda at +260779652913
Or +260767053936 and have all your problems solved.

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