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Kings and Queens , I’m going to be honest with you.

It’s not easy to forget about someone you truly love, someone who have become an integral part of your life, someone you have invested so much on, someone you are mentally and emotionally attached to, someone you have shared the best and beautiful memories with, someone you understandings and felt like the person also does same.

Honestly, it’s not easy to let go such person.

No matter how easy i make “move on” sound to you here, it’s never easy and I understand but the thing is that you have no options than to learn how to adapt in their absence.

You see, if you fail to gather the courage and strength to move on from a failed relationship, you will eventually keep hurting yourself, endangering your future and destroying yourself in the present.

Life goes on.

Feel bad as you want but understand that when people are no longer interested in you anymore they is nothing you can do about it.

You can’t control how people feel about you and their decisions, you must understand.

If they are no longer for you anymore it’s their choice and you can’t do anything about it rather than focusing on controlling what you can which is trying your best to find peace and move on.

Learn to accept reality.

If you are the reason for the fall out and you have apologize and your apology fell on deaf ears, don’t hurt yourself the more for the mistakes.

Accept it and move on in good faith.

You have to develop that strength to continue living even after so many disappointments that’s what live is all about.

Your ability to refuse to remain beaten that’s what success is all about.

Move on, accept the memories you shared with the person, don’t fight it.

Think about those lovely moment and be happy you once had a life like that, then focus on building something like that in the future.

Everyone is replaceable, believe me…

You just have to hope and work hard to meet the right person.

Have faith/hope in that.

Count your past failures as lost, learn from it and use the lessons to build a better future for your relationships.

That’s how you heal, accepting it is not about you fighting it, relax, smile and hope for the best in the future.

Move on brothers and sisters, there is always more to explore.