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Six (6) darkest manipulation Tactics women used to control you

understanding these behaviors can help you recognize and address them in your relationships.

let’s get started

1). Emotional Blackmail: Emotional Blackmail is one of the most insidious forms of manipulation. It involves using guilt, fear and obligation to control someone for example a woman might say if you loved me you would do this for me.

I can’t believe you would hurt me like this. these statements can make you feel responsible for her happiness or distress leading you to comply with her demands to avoid guilt or fear of losing her

2). Gaslighting:  gaslighting is a psychological tactic where the manipulator makes you doubt your own perceptions and reality. A woman using this tactic might deny events that you clearly remember twist facts or accuse you of being overly sensitive or paranoid over time this can erode yourself confidence and make you more dependent on her version of reality giving her more control over you.

3). Playing the Victim:  playing the victim
playing the victim is a manipulation tactic where someone portrays themselves as helpless or wrong to gain sympathy and control.

A woman might exaggerate or fabricate stories of how others have mistreated her to elicit your pity and support. This can make you feel compelled to protect and care for her often at the expense of your own needs and boundaries

4). Silence Treatment: The Silent treatment involves refusing to communicate or acknowledge your presence as a form of punishment, when a woman uses this tactic she creates a power imbalance by making you desperate for her attention and approval.  This can lead you to apologize or concede to her demands even if you’re not at fault just to end the uncomfortable silence and restore communication.

5). Triangulation: Triangulation  is a tactic where a woman brings a third party into your relationship to create jealousy, competition or insecurity. she might flirt with someone else