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Lesotho has described Zambia’s Road Fund as one of the best models in the region and intends to replicate the legal framework for road financing.

Lesotho, which has for a long time aspired to reform the Road Fund through an Act of Parliament has been undertaking a benchmarking study on Zambia’s National Road Fund Agency -NRFA-, its laws, operations, revenue streams, disbursements, and relationship with stakeholders.

Head of Lesotho Road Fund’s Legal Unit, Poka Thene, is impressed that Zambia’s Road Tolling programme, is advanced with state-of-the-art internal systems and controls.

Thene was speaking when a delegation from Lesotho Road Fund, Ministry of Justice, Law and Parliamentary Affairs and Ministry of Finance Development Planning concluded its visit in Lusaka.

And NRFA Public Relations Manager, Alphonsius Hamachila said the benchmarking study was done under the auspices of the African Road Maintenance Funds Association.

The Association is a 34-member continental body whose aim is to share knowledge and experiences on the mobilisation and judicious application of the road fund for road infrastructure development in respective member countries.