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Don’t let greedy politicians deceive you Zambia is progressing with president HH- Uzodimma Victor Chikwendu to Zambian youths.

Dear Zambian youth, on this special day I want to let you know that you are a youth of vision a powerful youth born in Africa to conquer the world.

Today, I Uzodimma Victor Chikwendu wish you are a happy Zambian youth celebration while you celebrate remember they use at the pride of the nation. It is true that the narrative in Africa concerning the youth is different from that of the developed countries and the Western world. But they are in mind no one is coming to save Africa but the youths, so use your youthful age wisely.

Politically they youths have not been doing bad, the Zambian youths are participating actively in social political activities of the country Zambia. Why playing politics do not criticize negatively a government that is vision is channel towards a positive growth of the Zambian nation, therefore I want to urge you all to please don’t let greedy politicians to deceive you Zambia is progressing with the current transition presidents which happens to be a president of vision in the person of president HH. There’s no government without negative critics if you think the government of Zambia is bad and was then try to check the government of Nigeria compare the hardship, they hunger, the insecurity to mention but a few and they see one reason to appreciate your president HH.

Coming to education, education is the key to the development of a practical youth that can fit well in the society, contribute economically and intellectually to the affairs of the nation. Therefore I urge you are to take your education serious marry your books marry a vocation Marry academy vocational education is not left out.

Do not neglect your social life as a youth remember man is a social being that cannot be conceiven isolation explore the word get the good and bad knowledge keep the bad knowledge aside and develop your country with the good knowledge. Someday I hope to see you at the top you’re a youth of honor work majestically for you are honored.

I am your Nigerian friendly blogger Uzodimma Victor Chikwendu, thank you for always reading from my site and thank you for always being a patriotic African citizen.