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If you’re 35 years and no man is coming for you break the law go to the man and propose to him- Rev father Oluoma advises ladies

A popular Nigerian reverend father and the televangelist popularly known as fada oluoma has advised ladies approaching 35 and above to go after a man Of their hearts and propose to the man.

According to his live video on Facebook on his official Facebook account the reverend father was seen telling his followers to know when to broke protocols and the dive into their breakthrough. According to him, if you approaching 35 years old or menopause it is better for you to go after a man and they talk to the man what menopause means is man will pause coming after you. So at this moment you are to break protocols don’t look at what friends parents relatives or anyone will tell you go to the man of your choice and propose to him.

Below is the linked to the video on Facebook