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So many people feel so entitled to wealthy people’s money

A woman employed a help in her home, one month later, the help by passed madam that employed her and went straight to the oga to beg for money after her salary has been paid.

Saying she had one family problem or the other.
Oga reported to madam because he was uncomfortable as to why their new help will stop him on his way out to beg for money.

Madam confronted the help and asked why she didn’t come to her, and the help said she knew she won’t give her because she had just paid her her salary.

Madam gave her a stern warning never to try such again and the maid responded ” Egole kwanu, Unu ji the money” (meaning how much self, you people have the money).

You can already guess what happened next.

So many people feel so entitled to wealthy people’s money.

They always feel that because people are rich they should share the money for it to go round.

But guess what even if God throws down the same amount of money to every body in this life so that we can all start afresh, most poor people will still remain poor, and the wealthy people will still find a way to multiply their money.

Poverty is a mindset and abundance is also a mindset. When you are entitled to people’s wealth, you obviously have a poverty mindset, because what stops you from making your own money.

The real reason why your rich friends are avoiding you is because you beg too much.
If you have a rich family member that is always avoiding your calls, it’s because you beg too much.

The little help they have given you, you haven’t made anything out of it.

Mikel Obi said in an interview how African families are so entitled, and people cane for him. Even if he decides to settle everyone and establish them in their chosen endeavor, some of then will still come back for more because in their head, football money no dey finish.

The Rich don’t mingle with the poor because the poor always present themselves as a burden instead of problem solvers.

Task for the day: “Find a Rich person that has been of help to you and gift them something nomatter how little it is”. You no go d!e!

Rich people hardly recieve gifts because people assumes they have enough. But that might not even be the case.

Most people always use the phrase “onyea ji the money ke kwanu ife m ga enyia”, ( meaning the man has the money what can I give to him).

If they tells you what they want, can you afford it? Find what you can afford and gift them. It is not about the gift, it is the intention behind the gift!

Ps: if this post triggers you, then you are one of them.


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