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Dear Charles, my wife was a virgin when we wedded. But after the wedding, she complained that I can’t satisfy her in bed – Charles Awuzie Inbox From Israel DMW




If Israel DMW Was In My Inbox. . .

“Dear Charles, my wife was a virgin when we wedded. But after the wedding, she complained that I can’t satisfy her in bed. She has now divorced me after less than one year of marriage but I want closure on this as my ego is bruised.”~ Israel DMW.

Dear Israel,
Thanks for sharing this with me. I also admire your personality – especially your vulnerability and loyalty.

I understand Science and Technology…. I understand business and Finance… I understand religion and spirituality… But dear Israel, I don’t understand a woman who has fallen out of love and a man who was dumped by a woman he loves.

When a woman loves you, she is satisfied with every thrust, moaning your name as your sweat drops on her face but the moment that love dies, she complains about the smell of your sweat. This, I do not understand.

But even more confusing is a man who refuses to accept that the woman he loves no longer loves him.

Dear Israel, while I still believe that you both are chasing clouts with your existent or non existent relationship problems, I won’t fail to use this trending topic to influence the minds of my community – especially men who have lost the love of a woman they still love. I have one word for such men – JUST MOVE ON.

Yes, now she says you are a 2 minute man who never satisfied her – Just move on.

Now she calls you a lazy man who couldn’t provide for her – Just move on.

Disconnect your ego from the words of a woman who no longer loves you.

Let them go…
Downgrade their opinion of who you are …
Wish them well…
And focus on BUILDING.

Personally, my response to lost love is MORE WORK.

Stop crying over spilt milk…

Finally and this is personal – I respect virginity and I advocate chastity, but I will be careful with settling down with a virgin just because she’s one. Maybe because I understand that Virginity is not a qualifying virtue for marriage.
Moreover, Virginity is relative. That she never had penetrative s£x with a man before marriage doesn’t mean that she wasn’t exposed to s£x. I once dated a ‘virgin’ who was sleeping with another woman. So to men, she’s a virgin but I knew that if I married her, I would never satisfy her.

And on the matter of sexual satisfaction, do you know that there are people who are never satisfied. They are called Nymphos. You can knack a Nympho from morning to night and you will never satisfy them. That’s why I didn’t condemn the Ghanaian Pastor who encouraged couples to explore each other’s sexuality before marriage.
After my small 10 years in marriage, I can tell you that it is risky to marry RELIGIOUSLY OR BLINDLY. Let reality influence your marital decision – not religiosity.

This also applies to Women who think that marrying a ‘church boy ‘ or pastor will save them from the pains of infidelity or sexual perversion. They only discover the insatiable sexuality of their spirikoko hubby after they say I do. Some even discovered that their hubby is bisexual or completely homosexual. Listen, before you say I do, explore the sexuality of your future spouse.

And lastly, I heard you mention Ned Nwoko… My brother, there are Nigerian women who are not moved by money or influence, unfortunately they make up less than 2% of our female population. I don’t know if your wife falls into that 2% category. Otherwise, we already have an explanation for her lack of satisfaction with you. The moment a woman starts giving attention to a more powerful male, she starts losing respect for the man she’s with. Hence I advised you earlier to KEEP BUILDING AND GROWING. DON’T ever let her disrespect make you question your professional relationship with Davido. All of us have bosses. I have a boss through whom I grow in business. If my wife decides to respect/value my boss more than she respects me, I will walk away from her but still keep my job with my boss lest her behaviour destroys me more.

My name is Charles Awuzie and I always teach life lessons with trending topics.



Why does he resemble Sam Larry” – Mix reactions trail new photos of Mohbad’s son, Liam as he turns 1




The widowed wife of late Nigerian singer, Ileriouluwa Oladimeji Aloba popularly known as Mohbad has released new photos of their son as he turns 1 today.

The mother of one had days back, lamented over how her son would be turning one without his father present to rejoice with him.

The photos which have gone viral have left many gushing, while others questioned his paternity.

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Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher dated for two years before getting married. Their marriage lasted for six years before they divorced. Demi Moore was fifteen years older than Ashton




After the couple parted ways, Ashton married Mila Kunis and they had kids together. Mila Kunis is six years younger than Ashton.

Pique and Shakira were in a relationship for eleven years. They had two sons together. Shakira is ten years older than Pique.

When they broke up, Pique got into a relationship with a 23 year old girl and they are still dating.

Take a look at Ashton and Pique. When they got out of relationship with their respective cougar, they had to purify themselves from their longterm stay with edede with the help of younger vvomen.

Most men who enter into a relationship with older vvomen always get tired with the passage of time. When they are able to free themselves from such bondage, they never look the way of any older vvomen again.

NB: Edede means old woman in Benin dialect.

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Comedian A.Y Makun’s divorce scandal has been one of the biggest news to hit the internet in recent times.

A.Y Makun has also collected his fair share of dragging because he insinuated that his daughter was a ‘benefit’ from his marriage.

A lot of people have weighed in on the matter, and just recently, his younger brother Yomi Casual dropped an indirect message about the divorce.

In a recent post, Yomi Casual attached a post, which spoke about not taking sides in conflicts that you know nothing about. He added no caption, and the next slide on the post was a boomerang picture of himself

Yomi Casua’s comment section was full of opinionated netizens

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