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Her husband died when she was 32 and my babe was in primary 4. She married very early, at 15 and went to university in her husband’s house




So I got married to this great human and absolutely beautiful family. My mother-in-law who just turned 58 is a Queen and more.

A little back story. Her husband died when she was 32 and my babe was in primary 4. She married very early, at 15 and went to university in her husband’s house. According to her, her husband loved her till death, he respected her and treated her like a queen. She gave birth to 6 kids, 4 boys and 2 girls and my babe is the last kid.

She went on to continue and grow her husband’s firm to a very big and successful business. That woman is so strong, beautiful and raised kings and queens. Her family is so loving and the oneness is just so amazing. She is so lonely but have refused to try out any other relationship or remarry. She will always say no one can live up to her husband and she will rather die than be with someone else.

After I got married to her son, her and my mom became great friends because they kinda looked alike and would go on vacation together as they were both widows. She is just a lovely soul that doesn’t support anything bad. She will always tell me to be the best version of myself, she paid for my masters and said she wants me to be better and improve the quality of her family.

She will always send her driver to come pick all her daughter in-laws and we would go shopping and go to lunch together. It’s a rule to come to the family house every second sunday and have lunch and hang out with everyone.

4 months into the marriage, my mom died and my mother-in-law took me like her last kid. I remember crying my eyes out when the news of my mom’s death was delivered. My babe traveled with his brothers and she left her office and drove right to the house, she held me and told me I will always have her if I ever find her worthy to be my foster mom.

Seeing that my babe is the last one and schooled from home, she is very close to him. Even though he had his house, he would always go stay at the family house with his mom so she doesn’t feel lonely. She practically lives in our house now and only goes home to supervise the cooking of food for the Sunday get together.

I noticed she always wants to be in the room next to ours. Example, I make the master bedroom downstairs for her and go upstairs with my babe, she will wake up in the room next to ours upstairs. If I make the room upstairs for her and we go downstairs, she will wake up downstairs too. There was this day that I was rushing downstairs to get ice cream and sweet I left downstairs, I bumped into her with her ears on the wall, as in she was listening to us make love. I stopped and was like, “Big mommy! What you doing?” She started laughing and said she wanted to make sure I was getting everything I needed to be happy in the marriage.

She walked into us in the sitting room and just stood there watching us till we finished. I was so shocked and shamefully went into the bathroom, she came to me and was saying what a premium man she raised and that she is glad I don’t have a problem with his massive d!ck. She says these things in the dirtiest of ways in Igbo while laughing. I spoke to my babe about it and he said she is just a very naughty person. I had to call my sister in-law, her first daughter to talk to her about this. She started laughing and said she knew I would soon call her because of her mom’s attitude.

She said her mom means no harm and she was always like this with their dad. That she was also like this when she came for omugwo in her house, her husband even got used to the dirty talk and would laugh. The entire family finds this funny.

This my MIL will come to me and say things like, “Nne, ache your back well when he goes in from behind”. I might be sleeping in the afternoon and she will go, “Baby, what do you want to eat?” If I spring up to cook, next thing you will hear is, No! rest from the intense love making my son gave you”

On Saturday, everyone hung out at the family house to exercise and started a competition. My team won and she turned to my babe and said in Igbo, “you obviously have not been hitting that pu$$y well that is why she can still compete in sport well and win. Everybody started laughing but it wasn’t funny to me. I am a very quiet and shy person and she keeps doing this everytime.

When she notices that I am not happy, she will come and hold me telling me it was just a joke and then goes on to say sometime in this line again and everybody starts laughing.

Please you people should help me, are there MIL that are like this? Is this normal? She is creeping me out with this attitude. This is the only problem I have with the woman. I don’t want to be the reason this lovely family starts having issues. Her family is amazing and she raised amazing children. My babe is 31 and I am 24, we have been married for 13 months now.

Apologies for the long long post. Thank you!

Please post anonymously doc


Viral Gist





So, Tom and I were pinching pennies like crazy lately because he’s all about getting this fancy sports car. I’ve been putting off buying anything nice for myself, even just some new makeup or underwear.

Two days ago, I was cleaning up and moved Tom’s phone to charge it. Right then, it lit up, and I saw this photo pop up. It was from my own underwear drawer! I peeked into his group chat and saw he sent this photo to his buddies, saying he “doesn’t remember marrying a granny.” They were all having a laugh about it. My heart just DROPPED. I felt so embarrassed and betrayed!

The next morning, I met up with Joyce, Tom’s mom, for brunch. I tried to act normal, but Joyce saw right through me. I ended up spilling everything. But instead of being as shocked as I was, she just had this mischievous glint in her eye. She leaned over and said, “Leave it to me, dear. I know exactly what to do.”

So, imagine: that evening, Tom walks in, and his jaw just DROPS as he sees . Check back for full story here

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Viral Gist

I’m 38 years old and I have been married for 8 years with two kids. My wife and I have been living peacefully since I was in Nigeria even until I left for Texas



“I’m 38 years old and I have been married for 8 years with two kids. My wife and I have been living peacefully since I was in Nigeria even until I left for Texas.

She has been very wonderful and industrious I love her so much and will never trade her for anyone. I’ve never cheated or even thought of cheating on her because she is more than enough for me.

I placed her on a monthly salary of N150k for her upkeep while I take care of every bill in the house. I left for Texas 2 years ago and since then I send her N400k monthly to take care of herself and the kids.

I later increased it to 600k when she complained of inflation and the struggle during cashless policy and redesign of Naira saga.

She has a best friend named Lucy, they’ve been friends since university days even before I met her and they bond so much like sisters.

Lucy is not married but she owns a big supermarket so she is financially stable. They attend parties and events together, she visits my wife often and my wife invites her to my home to stay whenever I travel until I come back.

I do not complain because I appreciate that my wife has someone she loves as a sister since she doesn’t have any sibling. My kids love her so much and she is my go-to person whenever I want to surprise my wife.

After I traveled, Lucy came as usual to stay with my wife and I would always shout out to her whenever I get the chance to do so.

I came back last month and as usual I got gifts for everyone including Lucy. She thanked me happily and left but I was surprised at the luggages she brought to my house cos it was literally like she moved into the house.

It was a very happy reunion, we were allover ourselves. My kids couldn’t get enough of me, we all hanged out the next day and it was all fun.

I planned to surprise my wife with her visa and that of our kids because we’ve been working on it since last year December and it was approved last month which was one of the reasons I came back.

She had no idea that the visa was approved cos I’ve been the one following it up so I wanted to surprise her with it. I told her that I would travel to Abuja for a very important get-together and I wanted her to come with me.

She told that she has an event as well to attend with Lucy that same day and it was really surprising to me because I know my wife as my handbag.

She likes to follow me to anywhere I go especially parties and would do anything to make me agree to it. I enjoy her company a lot as well.

My original plan was to surprise her after the get-together party at Abuja, but since she wasn’t going with me anymore I reserved it for when I return.

After the event, my wife called to know if I was on my way but I lied to her that I missed my flight because I wanted to surprise her.

I got home and heard a very loud music coming from our apartment. I opened the door with my key and I saw Lucy’s phone on the couch with her handbag.

I heard my wife moaning loudly and when I opened our door, I was dumbstruck seeing my wife and Lucy naked with Lucy’s mouth on my wife’s veejay.

They were soo overwhelmed in it that they didn’t even notice I was there until I went back to the parlour and put off the loud music.

My wife rushed out with the duvet shouting my son’s them, she thought probably he was the one that put off the music.

Immediately she saw me, the shock alone on her face gave her up. It was as if she saw a ghost. I was blank, the only thing I told her was that I don’t want to see her shadow in that house when I returned.

I didn’t know I could stammer until that moment, I would open my mouth to talk and will close it. I took my keys and left to a hotel.

It’s been two weeks now and I’m still here at the hotel. I’ve not said a word to anyone about what happened. My wife has been calling and texting, I’ve not replied or picked her call.

It’s still like a dream, a lot of questions are on my head. The sight of two of them naked is stuck in my eyes and mind. How long has these been going on? Is it just Lucy or has my lovely wife turned to a pr.os.tit.ute?

What led her to such? Is it because I wasn’t there to satisfy her? How about me that kept myself for her? What if my children has been seeing them all these while?

I don’t think I can look her in the face again or even touch her. I feel really disgusted. I never imagined our happy home shattering in this manner”.

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Viral Gist

My kindness has backfired on me, If I had known I would have just stayed on my own as usual



“This lady and her husband moved into the compound when she was heavily pregnant.

Being the type of person that likes minding my business, I’d just see her and greet her and her hubby.

But when she finally gave birth, I said I’d go visit her and say hi to the new baby.

A week after she gave birth, no one has come to help her out as usual. I’d see her going to the market, washing clothes and doing some chores.

I approached her and asked if her mother or even her mother in-law hasn’t come yet or even anyone from her house or her husband side. She smiled and told me that all of them were occupied with their activities.

I had pity on her as an experienced woman. Each morning, I’d go to her apartment to bath her and help press hot water on her and also showed her how to bath the baby. The husband was very happy. And she thanked me too.

When the baby got to a month, I stopped and thank God she learnt how to do the things I showed her.

I wasn’t usually at home. So one day the husband saw me and asked why he hasn’t been seeing me. I jokingly told him that the baby was grown that I’d come again when another baby comes. He thanked me.

One day, the husband was coming back from the supermarket and bought some things. He handed them over to me and said he wanted to appreciate me. The wife was there and immediately her countenance changed. She went inside. After sometime, I heard them arguing.

Days later when I saw the husband, I asked him what was the issue. At first he tried to cover up, but when I pressed further he told me that the wife wasn’t happy with the things he got for me. He also said that this same attitude of hers was the reason no one even came to visit when she put to bed.

She stopped answering my greetings and even stopped talking to me.

I told my husband everything. My husband bought the exact things he bought for me and told me to go and give them back, which I did.

If I had known I would have just stayed on my own as usual.”

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