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How A Food Vendor Managed To Attract Customers To Her Business Despite Stiff Competition. See What She Did

Patricia,a determined food vendor had been struggling to attract customers to her modest eatery located in the busy Nakonde boarder. Her culinary skills were exceptional, but despite her efforts, the lack of patrons left her dishes unsavored. One day, in her moment of frustration, while scrolling through Facebook, Patricia stumbled upon a post featuring a mysterious Sangoma and efficient Spell caster and his incredible humanitarian work. Something sparked within her and she decided to reach out to them for assistance.

With the support of Dr Mawanda Shafiq , Patricia’s food stop underwent a transformation. The very next day, she opened her doors as usual, preparing her delicious dishes. To her surprise, a wave of customers flooded in from nearby construction sites. They not only filled her modest establishment but also requested more food than she had initially prepared. Overwhelmed but delighted, Patricia quickly got to work, ensuring that no one left her cafeteria with an empty stomach. The word quickly spread and from that day forward as her cafeteria saw a steady stream of customers, all thanks to the kindness and support she had received from the humble traditional man, Dr Mawanda Shafiq.

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